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4 Signs You Need to Lift More Weight

When and How to Increase Your Resistance


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  • Great article! It is soooo important to challenge your body and your mind as you move forward in life.
  • just kidding i found where it says go to the next page. lol sorry
  • Am i missing something- where are the 4 signs?
  • EAYW47
    I increased reps and experienced a bit of soreness. I'm taking

    a break but fear I will have to go back to the beginning. Felling a bit discouraged
  • I have been using machines at the YMCA and have not known when to increase weight. Thanks very helpful.
  • SHAHAI16
    I actually already follow these. I used to do the machines, and still do sometimes, but mostly use the free weights now and workout with my boyfriend. My problem is I really need to write down the weights I'm using for each exercise because it varies so much, each time I go I have to think "how much did I do last time?" I think I know my own body pretty well for what I can handle, and when (have to use lower weights that time of the month, but the week before I feel super strong). I've been focusing on compound exercises so it takes less time at the gym. Although I'm not quite sure how to enter bodyweight exercise info into my tracker if I can't put "0" weight.
  • After reading this article I think I will increase my weights. The ones I am using are not usually taxing. Thanks SparkPeople for posting this article.
  • Maybe through SparkPeople I'll do a weight training set long enough to need to increase the amount of weights I use. I tend to do weight training a couple of weeks and it falls by the way side.
    Awesome article!!! Looking forward to do this!!! I own weights stuff at home...thanks for excellent advice!!! :)
  • Yes, great suggestions! More weight to fatigue muscles and fewer reps. The range is between 8-15 reps. It is up to how your body feels. If it hurts don't do it.
    So AGE has got to have something to do with increasing weights. I am 70 years old.
    I ride my bike (causal) 2x's a week, power swim (2x's a week) and 'work out' (2x's a week) and on the 7th day I rest. I must CUT BACK on the number of reps if I go from say 10lb weights to 12lb just gets too difficult and I stop at pain. Suggestions?
    You know your weights are too light when you can do more than 10 reps in a set.
  • I am thankful I was introduced to here in Tucson. I have been training with them since April, and this husband and wife team are VERY knowledgeable, and have been so helpful in my actually gaining muscle! I actually AMAZE myself!!!!
    Excellent advice!
  • I have been attending a gym here since March, that is all about Quality Strength. I started out with very little weight, and could not fathom lifting anything heavier, yet today I am up to 44 lb. in my dead lift, and 20lb. each barbell dead lift. Not easy, but I could have done ALOT more. My instructor promised I was going UP next week. I have been advanced since March, and the progress is phenomenal....AND I am almost 70!

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