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Music Makes Workouts More Pleasurable

Play that Funky Music


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  • I love music so I am sure it will work for me. Where can I find music that I don't have to pay to download?
  • BOBG01
    I never thought music would make a difference, but it does! This year I started listeng to music when I exercise and it does make it less boring. I also purchased an HTC One with Beats Audio. The little speakers on the phone have a pretty good sound. When I am walking, running, or hiking, I don't wear headphones. I never liked headphones because they block out too much of the surroundings and that can be dangerous. But with the One, I simply put the phone in my shirt pocket or hold it in my hand while I am exercising. This way I can hear the music and still be tuned into the surroundings as well. At home I also listen to music when working out.
  • I am not into gyms but I enjoy dancing can this count as exercise. I do love walking around the neighborhood.
  • I LOVE my iPod!!! I have Yurbuds ear buds, and they let me hear my music with out blocking out the ambient noise, which is pretty important for me since I ride my bike. I don't have a set play list, just a group of about 50 songs that I put on shuffle. Not knowing what is going to play next can really be a boost.
  • Music is a great distraction, and a pleasurable one at that. I have my iPhone 5 now and my gym has wifi, so I now also watch PBS documentaries and German television shows or HBO shows on my iPhone while I'm on the elliptical. Without music or films, that elliptical gets extremely tedious after about 10 minutes. Yesterday I watched a German film and before I knew it I had been on the elliptical for more than an hour!
  • I always listen to music when I walk, but when I run I do not like to listen to music. Doesn't make sense I know, but for some reason it bothers me to listen to music when I run.
  • I've always needed music to workout. It helps take my mind off of the fact that I do not always enjoy what I'm doing!!
  • Got to have music! My guy bought me an MP3 player for my birthday - I have no idea how I got through workouts before I got it
    Personally I need music or else. If I can't listen to music I am less focused and less driven. It drives me to do the task that is at hand whether it be working out or on the job I need music.
    I work in a retail store and have to listen to music all day long, good music but by the end of my shift I've had enough of it . When I walk I want some peace & quiet to I walk outside rather than at the gym. I like music for step aerobics but it drives me nuts during yoga.
  • I don't do the gym, but the way I recreate myself is dance.....I adore to dance and there's no such good gym, fitness or whatever like dance... to bring my body and spirit in the shape I want and in state of mind I want. I dance even than when I do ironning or just cleaning windows...I can't imagine to do anything without my music and, depends what I'm doing at the music, latino, hard rock or hip hop....
  • I honestly would NOT survive any of my workouts if it wasn't for my handy dandy Ipod. Especially while I'm running or on the elliptical. If I get that mood where I'm just too tired and want to stop, just the click of a button to the next song and BAM, I'm ready for round 2...It is packed with all sorts of different genres of music that just keep me going! I have different playlists specifically for my workouts and even podcasts to listen to. Love it!!
  • I have a playlist on my phone that I use for exercise. It mostly dance tunes and other fast-paced songs. The built-in media player on my Windows Phone did not have a way to shuffle playlists, so I wrote an app to do that and it works great. Anyone with a Windows Phone can get it free here:
  • I love to listen to Contemporary Reggae on my walks. It makes the time go by quicker and it has a certain beat that comes closest to my walking speed.
  • On my long runs I sing out loud while I'm running. It keeps me on pace because if I'm going too fast I can't sing, and it keeps me energized because I love rocking out to my favorite tunes on a run! When a great song comes on I get an extra boost of energy and I just belt it out.

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