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Improve Your Mood Without Food

Beat Stress, Boredom, and More with These Tips


  • I agree with a lot of this but when work stress is a code red well I think my coworkers would probably kill me if when the poo hit the fan I ran off to the gym. I find something like 5 min of deep breathing more useful and blood pressure reducing. - 4/25/2012 9:58:46 AM
  • How could you read the article under the Abilify ad that covered it? I know SP needs advertisers to stay free, but when the ad covers over the text of the article, it is a waste of a good article somebody worked hard to write. - 3/20/2011 3:57:23 PM
  • Good Article. I love the idea that the mind can only think one thought at a time. Is there a reference for this? I'd like to read more. For now, that seems the place to start for me. SMILE more... what a simple and great suggestion! - 12/6/2010 1:17:25 PM
  • Great article. I seem to go looking for sweets when I'm bored. Recently taken up another hobby in the evenings when my hubby puts on tv and I don't like the show; I can be in the room with my family and still focus on enjoying my craft project. When I'm bored during the day, it's about time to squeeze in some exercise, get some cleaning done, or head out to the library (unless it is summer....gardening is great for me). Working on this and it seems to be helping a lot! - 12/6/2010 12:38:27 PM
  • Wow, doesnt this article say a whole lot! I am the "angry enough to eat a whole cake" person, except with me its ice cream. Get me mad enough, I will grab ice cream & eat till it hurts. Afterwards I realize, the only one I have hurt is myself. Then I just feel stupid. - 7/13/2010 12:17:31 PM
  • I would say I'm an emotional eater. When I hunt for junk food, it's because I'm upset. The other day, I had a presentation due in my graduate music history class, but I thought it was due the next week. You better believe I would've eaten the house down if I could.

    The thing I realized, though, is that I don't eat emotionally to "feel better." I eat emotionally to commisserate with myself, with the full knowledge that I won't actually feel better. It's like my best friend is coming over with my favorite treat to make me feel better, but that best friend is me. That's a dangerous combo. Thankfully the crummy feeling I have afterward is enough of a reminder that best friends don't let best friends eat everything in sight! - 5/4/2010 4:14:06 PM
  • I agree with the things in this article and found them helpful, as well as the writer being compassionate.

    The only minor exception would be at the very end, only because it's not necessarily true for everyone that you can only have one thought at a time. When you have ADHD, it's completely normal to have several simultaneous thoughts, at any given time, and that can be a real struggle. - 9/5/2009 10:37:17 AM
  • I have always thought I was an emotional eater, until I joined Spark People last month. Since then, I have discovered that most of my over-eating was more a case of "idle hands are the Devil's workshop." I don't really eat out of boredom, but out of a need to be doing something. So I have started doing more housework when I feel the compulsion to eat when I am not hungry.

    Still, I have strong emotional attachments to certain foods. Warm, gooey, chocolate chip cookies give me that safe, well-loved feeling that I had as a child when my parents took care of everything for me. Stuffed bell peppers, apple cake, tuna casserole, my mom's home made chocolate cake, mac and cheese, and zucchini muffins will always make me feel warm and happy because those are the celebration and holiday foods we usually had in our family. They always evoke asense of well-being, love and fellowship. Tea and toast will always soothe me when I feel stress because it's what my babysitter gave me when I was sick or upset as a child.

    I still don't think I am an emotional eater, because I never ate those things randomly any time I was upset or stressed, only when I wanted to bring about the particular feelings and memories that I associate with them. The big difference now is that I work controled portions into a balanced diet instead of gorging on them. Still brings about the same good feelings, but now with no later regrets. - 9/20/2008 3:31:51 PM
  • I have to say, I agree with Adlins on this. The article does not really answers what to do when you are stressed at work. I guess we cannot all just leave work and do some exercise. What I need to have with me at such stress moments, are some snacks with hardly any calories. I try to carry some baby carrots or sellerie with me, so that I don't go running to our snack corner. - 9/13/2008 6:52:02 PM

  • Great article. I buy frozen fruit cut in chunks and eat it while I watch TV or do something where I'd eat cookies or chips, etc. You can't eat the frozen pieces quickly and you get your fruit servings to Track. Sometimes I chop up carrots and celery and munch it with no-cal dressing. It is just about the "snack" eating and not hunger. - 4/13/2008 2:12:23 PM
  • I wouldn't say I eat when I'm 'emotional.' Actually I usually eat less when I'm emotional. But I have serious issues with getting the munchies when I'm bored! It's bad, but I'm getting a lot better. Exercise helps too. It makes eating right worth it. - 3/13/2008 5:33:42 PM
    Archana : This is a good article and I am able to relate to the instances as described here. It is true to understand our emotions and eating habits. After reading the article I am more convinced and it provides insights to certain facts that we neglect on daily basis due to work and related stress - 3/13/2008 1:27:05 PM
    Good message! - 3/13/2008 10:20:37 AM
    Nice Article! I thoroughly enjoyed it - 3/13/2008 5:11:53 AM

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