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Improve Your Mood Without Food

Beat Stress, Boredom, and More with These Tips


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    I like chicken therapy for stress: I walk outside and watch my chickens. They are so funny and I have to carefully navigate through the yard because they are always around my feet. I also have my faith. Knowing that God is in charge teaches me not to take myself so seriously all the time.
  • HAN130155
    Exercise! Exercise! Exercise! Can't we have the record changed?
    I eat rubbish when I am tired from doing more physical jobs than I am really able to, but I know need done. I've no energy left for more physical activity
  • I take quite a few medications, some are before a meal or during or after. That keeps me from snacking. Despite that if I am really tempted, I try to do something else. I like the adult coloring books or do my makeup-even if I am staying home or do my nails.
  • I don 't consider crying a weakness, but a good release for anxiety or depression. The problem: some people can't cry. In earlier years, I went for a walk, but everything hurts now, so that doesn't work. Quiet music or hymns often give me relief.
  • Might be easier if SP wasn't a constant bombardment of food pictures! Cookies, cakes, you name it, not one page is without it.
  • This is my first comment, so please bear with me. I think that the problem with dogs in the neighborhood sounds like a law enforcement/animal control problem that needs to be addressed in town hall. In the meantime, however, there are exercises you can do at home without of equipment. My wife loves "Wii Fit Plus". Light exercise, simple, and interactive. Worked well for us until a power outage zapped our Wii.
  • lots of good ideas. Some do not apply to me but I find relief in deep water Aqua three times a week, and following the steps and journalling. Hey, lot less calories in a journal entry than a bag of chips LOL try it!
  • I agree with what the article has to say. However, it skips the part about when you have finally stopped crying, and you know going for a walk would be a great plan......but putting on the shoes and sweaters and coats just seems like so much work. Stress and sadness are a nasty combination and I really could use a boost! Maybe Spark can give me the boost I need.
  • Great article!! It's the truth too. I can vouch for that. I chose the exercise path and over 1 year later I'm still not smoking : ) and a healthy,fit and happy Sparker!!
    So whatever it is thats "gottcha" save your money on those patches,gum,classes etc. and show up here instead!! It's folks. Your one stop BFF finder. Your "NEW ME" is free and just a click away.
    Have a great week everyone.
  • This was one of the better self help articles that I have read lately. There are truly innovative ideas and helpful ideas that I can implement today that will help me out of a rut.

    Thanks bunches for this
  • What if you lie to yourself? Pretend your okay when you really need nelp! When visiting with your anynlist(sp) you pretend everything is okay and he passes you on. . . . . . . . . . . . I need for spring to get here soon so I can get outdoiors! This must be why people from our locale go south for winter.
  • Good article, we so often take things out on food and it ultimately hits our waistline.
    I'm 56 yrs. old & I've tried learning how to skate at least on 3 different occasions without any luck. I love dancing but my husband is a homebody & hates dancing. Going out walking in my neighborhood is out of the question. Too many loose dogs. In fact my husband almost got bit by one today while mowing the lawn. He called the cops to report it. Said he's tired of trying to go for a spin on his motorcycle & having to fight off a bunch of dogs chasing after him every time. I live in a small town in deep south Tx. that has no sidewalks or even a walking trail. What do I do for exercise? I'll get up around 4:20 & try to make it to the elementary school track by 4:45. Walk/jog for about an hr or more & try to leve before 6 a.m. when the school busses start arriving. It's a hassle though cuz sometimes the school locks the gate to the entrance!
  • MARTY32M
    Sometimes I get bored, or angry, or whatever, and the only way out is to stop thinking by doing something that doesn't involve thinking, that doesn't even allow thinking. Usually that's munching food. But one time I picked up a pair of 5 pound dumbbells and did some random moves with them. That had the same effect. I should do that more often.
    Playing drums is an excellent stress reliever. You get to hit things, make a loud noise, and you can play along with your favorite music if you want to. And there are people who get together to play in some areas. Either hand drums, or a kit.

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