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VIDEO: Motivation from The Last Lecture

An Inspirational Video Pick from SparkGuy


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WOW!!! Tigger it is!!!!! Report
That was awesome. The ending was a tear jerker, but his children will be proud of him and the man is still a teacher even after he isn't around any longer. I have learned that I should make my time count. I am not sick but I do have a set of parents that are. Thank you for posting this video. Report
Amazing story! Facing death & choosing to spend the remaining time to give a lecture. Obviously has a big heart. Report
I just watched this with my 9 year old son and he and I both feel it was AMAZING! :) Report
I've watched the entire lecture on YouTube, and it's just as great as this condensed version. Randy Pausch was a truly inspiring man, who makes me want to be a better person! Report
I love it, it was inspiring, uplifting and humbling. God bless his soul and his children and family. Report
As I sit here after watching the video, I am crying. This man that I did not know had such a profound affect on me in just 10 minutes! What a loss to this world. I took notes to pass on but I plan on buying his book TODAY. Report
What a special man! The world needs more men/educators like Randy. His story is powerful and inspiring. I can't imagine how his wife can fill the void he's left! Report
As a mom with pancreatic cancer I have only made it to page 8 of the Last Lecture without breaking down, but I hope to read it very soon. i have a feeling it will give me great motivation... Report
This is very motivational. I have also read the book and it just means so much. Report
When I have a bad day and have the time I watch the original Last Lecture by dr Pausch (it's 1h 17min). Always cheers me up and puts me back on track. Report
"The brick walls that are in our way are there for a reason: Brick walls are there to prove how badly we want things." Dr. Randy Pausch 2008.

Wow!! Just when I am convinced this life is a living hell, someone facing the finality of his life spews truth so needed all over my place in this life and wakens me to the reality that life can and is found in the perceptions we each hold onto.

Thank you for posting this video. I thas helped me... Report
I learned a lot about myself watching this video. I don't have control over anything in this lifetime, except myself. I learned how to apoligize gracefully. I also learned to live life to its fullest you never know when you might not be there to live it anymore. Report
This touch my heart knowing that he was going to die in 2 months he had a lot to say I wish I could hear more on him.
pam Report
very inspirational...maybe i will try to give a last lecture....thank you for sharing this video and starting this site...lise Report

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