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VIDEO: Motivation from The Last Lecture

An Inspirational Video Pick from SparkGuy


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I have seen this before. I read the book. My eyes still tear up when I watch this. He was such a brave man. We can all learn from him. Report
This man is a portrait in courage and gave us a lesson in being thankful. He left a meaningful part of himself for his children and all who saw this! Report
epic. just epic. Report
epic. just epic. Report
Although Randy appears to be VERY positive concerning LIFE and his approaching death I wonder how he feels in his PRIVATE moments. I was watching a performance given by a man whom I think wanted to leave a positive legagy to his family. In reality Death IS a fearful event. There is an emotional condition called, Death Anxiety which many if not most people encounter at different stages of life. Some cope with by using various mental techniques such as, denial, thoughts that they will live forever and if they do die thinking they will be reunited in heaven.
I respect and admire the contents of this video but at the same time would not want to think that normal human reactions to bad circumstances are self defeating and bad.
Dr. Elizabeth Kubler Ross who was a pioneer in researching the topic of DEATH could not accept her own precepts when she suffered a stroke and was dependent on others for care. There are many books that she wrote where she spoke about how individuals could accept dying when diagnosed with a terminal illness. However, when she experienced her own reality related to the stroke that left her helpless her attitude changed.
I don't know how anyone could be brave when the symptoms of approachimng death
start to interfere with the activties of daily living.....shortness of breath, nausea, experiencing pain etc. I wouldn't want anyone to think that something is emotionally lacking in them because they are not as optomistic as Randy was in his video.
Please don't misinterpret what I have written. As I said before, I respect and admire the fact that Randy made this video and perhaps inspired others to feel less anxiety when faced with death. However, one's outward appearance may differ from the inner one.All of us come to terms with death in different ways.

Eizabeth Report
Through the video and book The Last Lecture Randy managed to instill in many of us the element of courage that he so undoubtably showed.

My greatest wish was to have the power to save him.

Heila, Cape Town, South Africa. Report
This was so very moving and inspiring. Live well, live happy Report
He spoke from his heart and it struck a cord with me.. A very moving and inspirational video. I will also reflect on what I have learnt and take with me from this video.... Report
That's just....Wow. I'm speechless (and teary-eyed!! Report
Wow! What an example for us to follow! Report
What an inspiration to all of us. What love and stamina he portrayed! If we would just take to heart half of what he said, the world would be a much better place. God has a new angel. Report
I read his book, and this really made everything he said more real, more in to my heart and soul. He came even more alive for me.....and this video came at a time when a friend of ours died at the young age of 56 Report
Being humble, authentic, aware, and "in" the flow of life. Randy Pausch's made a lecture to give his children because he knew he would not live with them as they each reached maturity. Many people despair over facts like terminal illness - Randy chose to reach beyond it and act through it. I read his book often just at random especially when I'm feeling unsure as a parent. He always helps me to remember that to a child - it all counts - the things we do -compared to empty promises - count the most. Keeping simple and truthful - always lights the way. I will always feel like one of Randy's children when I watch a video like this one or reread "The Last Lecture." - grateful. Report
What a wonderful man,what memories he has left us with,some crying,some smiling,some seeing how strong he is how do I get this way.God has been on his shoulder all the time he is here and when it is over...........Beth Report
First time I've heard of or seen this...I cried. And then I kicked myself for those times I have thought less of what I have because it isn't MORE. Things...that's all they are. Family and friends are the read value in life. Report

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