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VIDEO: Motivation from The Last Lecture

An Inspirational Video Pick from SparkGuy


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I am so ashamed! Everyday I am whineing because I am gettingld and my body is changing and I don't have as much energy as I used to and lets face it I just don't look good naked anymore. Seeing this man and hearing what he is saying makes me see life a lot different. No more crying over things I can not change I will live everyday like it is my last, and I will pray for him and his family. Report
Thank you so much for sharing this with us - it really helps put things into perspective - none of us know when our time is up - and it makes you think of what kind of legacy you are leaving - one of hope and goodness or otherwise. This certainly makes me want to live a life that is more uplifting and meaningful. Thanks again.
: ) Report
Thank for sharing with us, very moving and inspiring. I'm so glad I'm a Tigger.
Thank you so much for caring so deeply for people to reach their full potential.
Blessings to you.
JC Report
This was totally awesome. What a great reminder, I really needed it. I have also shared this with my children, to encourage them and to remind them it is something we have to always work on, as children and as adults. Again thanks for sharing this. Report
This was so moving, intense, motivating! Thank you for sharing this with us! Report
This man knew what is truly important and how to lead a better life! Report
I am almost speechless after watching this video. However, I am a Tigger, and we are seldom speechless. In the end, it's all about choices and how we want to live - and end - our life. He is a very brave, remarkable man to want to share this with the world. I pray that this video will inspire others to live life to the fullest, to care about people and not things, to smile, to laugh, and to love, no matter the circumstances of one's life. Report
Sitting at home with the flu, I was especially moved by his story of pouring soda into his new that when his nephew got sick in the back seat later, he didn't have to feel bad because he had the flu. We often talk about the importance of people over things, but I loved that very concrete example of the principle. This has been inspiring to me. Thanks for sharing! Report
I tried again and saw and heard this exceptional man's inspiring talk. I cannot imagine being that vital and yet knowing your time left is cut so short. To make such valuable
use of it and with such strength and dignity is a miracle. There are so many people that have to face such unfairness and inequality but to use that 'bad luck' to help so many others, is awesome. It may not be fair as life often isn't, but will likely help others to deal more gracefully and still more to appreciate all the time they have left here while still in good appreciate life and loved ones more then 'things' we all have too many of in this country. Report
This man had a beautiful attitude and philosophy towards life! Part way through his lecture I was so enveloped in his positive energy that I actually forgot he was dying for a moment. In our society today I find there are so many people with a negative outlook, lots of Eeyores so to speak. I was so refreshed by this man. He strengthened my resolve to be optimistic, to dream big and to be a Tigger. Report
Wow! What a brave man. I realzie I'm an Eyore. I hope I can use this to become a better person. I will watch it again. Thanks. Report
I saw this video sometime ago and come back to it periodically just to be refreshed. I loved it and can watch this man several times. It is a remarkable presentation and I highly recommend it for everyone! Report moving, and so perfect for me to see right now. I really, really, really, needed that...Thanks SparkGuy, you rock! Please show more of this sort of thing should you find makes such a difference...articles are great, but videos....the visual expression is so much more powerful. Report
Thank you for sharing this! I cant wait to show it to my children when they get home! It would be wonderful for this to be shown to highschool students...especially juniors and seniors who have no idea what they are going to do when they graduate.
I am praying for him and his family. Report
Thank you for sharing this. It was very moving and has left me teary-eyed.
Very thought provoking. Report

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