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VIDEO: Coach Nicole's Favorites- BOSU Squat with Overhead Press

Check Out this Triple-Threat Strength Exercise


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  • Would I still get a good strength train workout if I didn't use the BOSU? I don't want to get any special equipment but I do like the idea of working both upper and lower body at the same time.
  • I do this all the time. I first saw it done on the floor in Jillian's 30 Day Shred...she calls that move a 'squat and press'. I think started doing it balancing on one of those Bosu boards, but I've been doing it upside down from how you are doing it in the vid. It's really hard to balance on that too, but might try it this way aswell. Thanks!
  • How many calories do you burn doing the full body workout on the bosu? I have one but don't know how many burning calories...
  • Thanks for this!! AT 61 I really need to work on balance.
  • This exercise is what I call a zen movement. Once you can do this movement as smoothly as in the video, you will most likely be in great shape and have great balance. I do (try) these with a new routine and they are as tough as doing squat with heavy weight, but entirely more fun.
  • Wow Nicole, great idea! Looks like fun!
  • These are awesome workouts that my trainer intoduced me too also. I loved the multi-tasking aspect of it, I purchased my own BOSU trainer.
    um, maybe in a year or so lol! I don't think I could do that standing flat on the floor!!
    Thanks Nichole.

    I saw one of those BOSU on Fit TV. I'm going to look for one. I need to always work on my balance as I have osteoporosis. Better balance means less falls.
  • Thanks so much. As a Baby-Boomer, I'm wanting exercises to maintain balance and the BOSU fits that.

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