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Reference Guide to Warming Up

An In-Depth Look at the Warm Up


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  • Very helpful article. Explains the importance of warming up. I needed to understand this. Now off to figure out what type(s) of warm-ups to do! - 3/13/2009 10:57:38 AM
    A very through, very informative article, easy to follow for a lay person.
    Each relevant area has bee so nicely explained .
    TtHANK YOU so much, Jen and Nicole for making it so simplified for any body.
    I would like to thank the Sark Teams for their lovely and step by step demonstrationof all different types of excercises, i.e., inhale, exhale , abs engaged- little things that matter a lot for lay/beginners to follow and view any excercise demonstration with pleasure.I was used to GYM BALL and I had been doing YOGA before I joined your website. I bought Resistance tubes A MONTH AGO and now throughly enjoy it following the Spark Website demonstrations.
    I am so happy to join you and following the various excercises well demonstrated I have mobilised my muscles and joints.
    Asincere thank you, the Spark Teams. - 2/10/2009 12:01:29 AM
  • Great article. - 3/23/2008 5:37:29 PM

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