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Reference Guide to Anaerobic Exercise

An In-Depth Look at High Intensity Exercise


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  • I just bought three DVDs. Now to get with it.
  • Reading this article,made me realize I too rushed to do Anaerobic, didn't quite prepare or gradually move to it. Looks like I've to review back my training program.
    This New York Times Article from 2006 offers a different take on what Lactic Acid is..
  • I've been doing this kind of exercise for a long time and didn't know it had a special name. Thanks for the good info.
  • Great article. Interesting that you talk about lactic acid building up in the muscles. My high school daughter was in advanced biology and she said "Do you know a "body" gets STIFF, because of the lactic acid that is in it at death?" She went on to talk about the Krebs Cycle and how her teacher told them about lactic acid. No wonder it makes us "sore" when we exercise.

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