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Reference Guide to Stretching

An In-Depth Look at Flexibility


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  • AngelWisdom2857 This is a very good article and i believe more people should follow it., I however, do no the results if you don't for i had a friend who really suffered just from not doing the stretches before a work out or walk. So, my theory do what you want but my advice is to LISTEN for your own benefit and others who have to take care of you afterwards. ann marie
    DOTTSLADY-I love the word Joggling---or maybe it should be jogaling... ha ha. It made me feel good!
  • Very good article! I'll start stretching 2 or 3 times a day. Thanks very much.
  • Thank you for this very informative article. It's great that there are links to both stretching videos and stretching demonstrations : ) !
  • I sometimes don't stretch after walking/joggling, so I sought out a SP article to remind me why (I need constant reminders!). Thanks for writing and reminding me :).
    Much more in this article than I thought there would be. Very detailed. I saved it as a favorite and will look at it again. I enjoy yoga and will continue to work on flexibility.
  • This is a great article I was a runner in my youth and everything said still rings true from then.

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