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Reference Guide to Strength Training

An In-Depth Look


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  • Actually resistance bands and spring chest expanders are NOT isotonic - they exhibit a NON LINEAR resistance versus length characteristic.
  • I love strength training.
  • I like strength training actually. I like how it makes me feel when I'm done exercising for the day
  • I am an optimist.
    It does not seem too much use being anything else.
    - Winston Churchill
    Good information.
    Thanks for sharing
  • Life is too important to be taken seriously. - Oscar Wilde
  • Life is too important to be taken seriously. - Oscar Wilde
  • Excellent strength training exercise information. Well done!
  • Great guide to Strength Training!
  • A slow cooker can help busy people make healthy meals faster.
    Great post Jen and Nicole,

    This is an awesome read which covers the basics very well. If you are at the beginning stages of strength training, this is what you should be learning.

    This article is filled with textbook information that every strength coach learns at the beginning of his or her career. Every person who wants to lift weights and get stronger would benefit from learning this information.

    As each person becomes better at applying these principles they can move onto more advanced theories and techniques.

    I wanted to share a post that incorporates 3 of these techniques for individuals who are ready for the next level. It is written by an olympic athlete/strength coach with years of experience =)

    You can check it out here at
  • The part about how fast we detrain is depressing.i wish I could edit these as I could leave ONE stupid comment instead of three!!
  • I also am not entirely convinced that resistance bands / steel strands are isotonic as I am certain that the resistance does vary by the length of extension (unlike weights which one cannot lift high enough to make a difference in weight which does of course vary due to the distance from the centre of the earth)..As for the assertion that weight training does not strengthen ligaments and tendons, you'd better hope it does. As one progresses in strength training and increases the weight or what ever load they are moving, the amount of stress put on the ligaments and tendons will go UP,
  • OK so here's a question- my job has a fairly high (at times) physical component to it and I used to lift weight at home as well as other things until I injured my shoulder severely almost a year ago - could I have been overtraining? I know I have lost some strength BUT it was worth it to allow my shoulder to heal (along with physiotherapy).

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