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VIDEO: Intro to Exercising with Resistance Bands

Tips to Use Bands Safely and Effectively


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  • Even with supported browser, Video box with controls never show on page to even select. Unable to view video
    videos don't work
    videos don't work
  • I was thinking about purchasing some equipment and read the article "Get fit without leaving the house" which let me to the article "Don't stretch the truth about resistance bands" which gave me the link to this video/article. I found it very informative and am going to purchase bands instead of heavier weights since the cost will be smaller and they will be less bulky for storage. I really liked this video, it was nice to find out that I can get all 3 resistance levels in one package if I like and knowing that I can find it a Walmart is awesome as well.

  • I use resistance bands with my "Walk Away the Pounds" DVD. I really like them and feel like they do help build up the strength in my arms. Need that to carry the grandbaby!
  • I love my resiatabnce bands too. I use them with my Tae Bo dvd (fat blasting cardio).
  • I love my resistance bands and you can take them with you where ever you go.
  • I am an aerobic instructor and use tubing 3 times a week in teaching water aerobics and pedal/pumb classes. I have a ages in my class. This piece of equipment is for everyone. I highly recommend it for resistance training....
  • I have had some resistance bands in my back room that someone gave me, I will dig them out and try some things with them because of this video!
  • There is a good Resistance Band
    I love working with tubes or with restistance bands. It is a great workout.

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