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Arm Yourself Against Exercise Excuses

Winning the Fight Against Yourself


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  • Thank you for this article, I enjoyed it alot and feel like I would like to exercise.

  • For me, a huge part is having a hard time telling between when I feel bad enough to rest and when I should power through. I've made mistakes going both ways. Being stubborn can be good in some ways but can cause physical illness/injury worse. But, sometimes it doesn't seem too bad. Other times I rest when it's not so bad-but my excuse say it's really bad-and I can 'fall into the trap of "I need to rest" and inertia sets in. Why can't I figure it out?
  • My main excuses are "I deserve a day off" or "I've done enough this week".
  • It is a battle every single day -- sometimes it's 3 am for me, sometimes I get to sleep until 4:30 am. Either way, you can't think about it, just do it! It only takes 2 weeks for something to become a habit, so no more excuses -- face it head on, dead on! And GET - IT - DONE!
  • ANIMATOR606432
    This is JUST what I needed to hear today. One of the main reasons I could never get my weight under control is because I could never commit to exercise. Knowing that even a personal trainer struggle with this, makes me feel even more confident that I can overcome it. Another good tip is to have a work out buddy, someone who will constantly pushing you to work. I have a friend who simply asks, "Did you work out today?" and telling her confidently "yes" is almost worth the work out alone.
  • Great article! OLD and FADED and FALLING APART my Nike t-shirt with JUST DO IT! printed on it is my favorite workout shirt. :)
  • Love "I will do what I need to do to do what I want to do"!! This is certainly an inspiration. I have a friend who walks 3 to 5 miles a day and I feel like i am doing good when i walk a mile. I just get comfy in my apartment doing my knitting and sewing and watching series on netflix - and then just do not want to get out and walk. But, today the sun is shining and it is already 59. My excuse right now: I have laundry going and cannot leave it. But, will get out as soon as that laundry is done!!
  • Thank you for the inspiring article! I added it to my favorites and will read it often! I guess everyone needs a push once in a while....
  • I agree - I would love to save this article to read over and over again. How motivating! Just reading it made me want to get up and go - no excuses. Thanks for the inspiration!
  • I wish there was a way to save this article to my favorites, because it's one I would read over and over again.

    Where I need to be careful is that there are times I legitimately need more rest, and (not* working out is the appropriate thing to do. I have CFS/Fibromyalgia and can easily become overtired. However, what I aim for is a planned day of rest, usually Fridays. When I know I have a scheduled "day off", I'm more likely to stay on track the other 6 days.
  • Very simply said. Thanks
  • Thank you! I love running, but not in the winter because it is very cold and damp where I live. I hope this will motivate me to get out of bed early tomorrow and get back into my running routine.
  • Wonderful blog! I fight the fight so often and rarely do I overcome as victorious as this, but as you said, JUST DO IT!! If I keep trying (no, not trying -- if I keep DOING!), I will succeed! Thanks for the reminder.
  • Nice blog. Thanks
  • RUNGRL2013
    I wish you determination and luck; I need the same from you. What a great article--exactly what I needed today not just for my weight loss and exercise, but also for my business that I'm working on--I'll keep reading this. Thank You!

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