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Arm Yourself Against Exercise Excuses

Winning the Fight Against Yourself


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  • Brilliant! You put the battle we all face so well - whether it's about that candy talking to you from the candy dish, the pillow when you have to get up or those voices in your head telling you that you'll never lose the weight...

    Yes, every day is a battle - but we're all in this together.

    Keep up the great work!
  • yeah, same bat time, same bat station
    Boy, this article found it's way to my email at just the right time. Coincidence? I think not. I work mornings, so I've been going to the pool in the afternoon. Sometimes I will wait for my husband if he gets home early enough. My pool membership is about to expire, and I'm trying to decide if I want to renew it. I got the one I have now at a special deal: only $60 for 3 months. Now it will cost $269 for 3 months.

    I don't want to spend the money. My husband is telling me I should. I guess you said it best: Just do it! Thank you.
  • Just a small note...while "I could get hit by a car" shouldn't stop anyone, it also should not be brushed aside. SAFETY GEAR IS A MUST. Don't put it off. Don't forget to wear it. EVER.
  • Trust me I know exactly what you are saying - I use the same excuses. I plan to get up at 5a.m. do 1 hour of devotion and then at 6a.m. do 1/2 hour exercise then get ready for work. This gets done on Monday and then the rest of the week I just tank. So I am going to take your encouragement and start next week. No let that be tomorrow (cheers).
    Wow, what a great article! Very motivational. My favorite part was "I do what I need to do in order to do what I want to do". Simple but powerful!
  • I would like to print out this blog (if I may) and put it up on my office wall!! I need to make the commitment to fight those voices each and every day as well. And you said it just perfectly :) Thank you!!
  • This is DEFINITELY me! I have to set 6, yes 6, alarms! They start at 4:45 and they are 2 minutes apart. One is a duck quack, then there is an old car horn, an old phone ring-those are on my ipod that I leave across the room so I have to get out of bed to shut them off. On my phone I have 3 loud songs that I def wake up to. My text tone and ring tone I sleep through so these songs do the trick! I also get my shower stuff ready and leave it by the door the night before so I have to walk across the house to get my shower stuff and I sleep in my work out clothes. I too have been defeated with that voice saying those EXACT things, why get out bed when I can cuddle with my sweet dog in a comfy bed, it is way too dark what if there is a lurker in the woods?!, or F that it's cold! But today I beat that voice with a louder voice, my voice, telling me get up Chanelle you need to work out, then all my 5k's that I'm signed up for popped into my head so I headed to my dresser, got my socks and shoes on and out the door I went :) Worked out for about an hour, Loved every bead of sweat!
  • If you need an alarm clock to wake up -- you aren't getting enough sleep!
    Just started exercising after years of being a couch potato. My motto at the moment is "Anything is better than nothing" Even if you just do 10 situps and walk for 10 mins around the block every day, its better than vegging on the couch. The funny thing is that exercise is addictive - the more I do it, the more I WANT to do it. I think the #1 problem with making that leap from couch to crunch is the feeling of HAVING to do it, rather than WANTING to do it. By adopting a mindset that it's not overly essential, I've trained my brain to almost see exercise as a treat. The results are slowly starting to show too :) So maybe take this little bit of advice on board and do SOMETHING, anything, cause its better than NOTHING. Have fun :)
  • This is an absolutely amazing article. I fight every morning and recently I have a pretty bad losing streak. Though I get knocked out every morning, I do get a run in here and there later in the day. Thanks for the inspiration...wishing everyone here abundant determination. Go kick some ass!
  • I just had a fight with myself this afternoon...I procrastinated and didn't make it to my health club, so then I procrastinated some more and told myself now I'm stuck working out in the crappy gym in my building. I did just do it finally, but still cheated myself out of a longer workout. :-(
  • I am trying out a friend's bargain with herself. If she makes the decision the night before that she's not getting up to exercise for any reason, then okay. But if not made the night before, then in the morning she MUST get up and go.
    wow this rings true, that inner conversation can get pretty ugly. But in the end it all pays off hope to see you all in the 90 + race!
  • Great article! Thanks, I needed that.

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