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Arm Yourself Against Exercise Excuses

Winning the Fight Against Yourself


  • I thought I was the only one using excuses! :) This made me feel better and it was definitely motivating. Thanks! - 3/27/2009 11:29:58 AM
    What a great motivational writer. I loved this article and the article on running a mile. GREAT JOB! :) - 3/10/2009 2:28:39 PM
  • An ABSOLUTELY GREAT article!! It was like a good book....I couldn't get through it fast enough, and yet I didn't want to reach the last page!! Thanks a lot!! - 3/5/2009 2:30:44 PM
  • I loved this article. I was starting to fall off the motivational bandwagon when I read this. Made me reaffirm that I can do this, and I will do this.

    No more excuses for me then! - 2/25/2009 12:55:06 AM
  • Funny, I had this battle this morning with myself! EXERCISE WON!! I felt so much better after. - 1/30/2009 11:03:52 AM
  • Great article. When I start making excuses I just tell myself that it doesn't matter. I've already decided to run that day so I might as well knock off all the negative internal dialog. Inside my head it goes something like this, "You KNOW you're going to run 5 miles today so why are you bogging yourself down with all this bull?" And soon the wannabe excuses evaporate and I'm getting my runners high :-) - 1/10/2009 10:49:13 PM
  • I am battling myself right at this very minute, which is precisely why I was searching motivational articles to read -- this one is great! Here I go...!!! - 11/22/2008 9:46:10 PM
  • This is a great article! I am the queen of exercise excuses. I wish my mother would read this, sometimes I am worried for her health... - 11/18/2008 10:07:52 AM
  • This is, hands down, the best motivating article I have read on SP. I know that voice well (don't we all!) but I make her shut up every day. She's the reason I got in this mess in the first place so she doesn't really know very much at all!!! - 11/14/2008 8:07:50 PM
  • Thanks for this! I was about to have my third 'cheat day' this week, but I won't now. I'll have in next week as planned. It's not worth ruining my progress. - 11/14/2008 3:19:27 PM
  • Loved this article! It motivated me to get back on the bandwagon and stop making excuses! Thanks Jason!

    Star - 10/15/2008 2:38:56 AM
    Love this! My boyfriend gets up at 5:00 am for work. His alarm starts going off at 4:30. He never hears it! And I always wake up long enough to make sure he gets up, and then I go back to sleep. You have just given me the tools I need to fight myself out of bed tomorrow morning! I have been wanting to get up and exercise before work. Now I can "fight" myself and win. - 10/9/2008 3:23:10 PM
  • I've never been moved to tears by an article like this before--I'm too cycnical for that. But......musta hit a nerve. Thanks so much. - 8/24/2008 1:26:44 PM
  • This is the same thing I go through on gym nights... I am tired, I don't have the energy, maybe I won't push myself so hard tonight... but there I am three nights a week plugging away as hard as I can on the elliptical or treadmill or whatever machine I drag myself upon. And when I am done and I am driving home, I feel better. I am more energized (for a while) and I know that I did something good. I go to sleep that night knowing that I have done something that will help me in the long run to be there for my Son, for my Husband and for myself. - 8/21/2008 8:44:57 AM
    I so appreciate this article as this is my first week of spark people. I have added this as a favorite article and will refer to it as my motivation, shall we say is lacking? Thank you so much for your story. It was fun to read, but held such an impact for me. Donna - 8/14/2008 9:14:36 AM

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