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Reward Yourself & Others with SparkGoodies!

Use SparkPoints to Buy Virtual Gifts


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  • Great way to motivate myself to start fitness goals, follow them each day and to reward myself for goals accomplished. Encouragement equals success. Success is a goal accomplished! A goal accomplished is a healthier me!
    I don't get it? I click on goodies and it just leads to the page that tells you about them?
  • SCRIB59
    groan ... I dread the wheel landing on Spark Goodies -- I would rather receive one Spark Point than 500 SGs. They are no incentive to me.
    SparkGoodies don't seem worth even the clicks to get them. That being said, the page to get the details on them is STILL not working, even after all the feedback the "Sparkpeople Team" has been getting about that very problem for months!
  • I agree with everybody n that virtual prizes, they are a waste. I thought the same thing. Maybe DVD'S like Sparkpeople Coach Nicole Video, even a downloadable one we can record for targeted areas will be good.or like the others suggested I think the website should listen to the comments on this page.
  • Wait.i want a real goodie, having a pretend one is no fun it's like having a pretend friend. Maybe sparkpeople could make a game and you could use the spark points to make or. Buy things.It would be way more fun and something concreat to use point's on. (Farmville, or candycrush ♡♥♡♥♡♥
  • JVENUS7734
    was excited but the page not working.. am I going to lose my goodie points too?
    spark goodies also not working for me. can't find them where this article says they will be found.
  • I think that there should be a cheese spark goodie, I would love to get a wedge of cheese but not a muffin or a cookie.
    To each, their own, but for ME, I will skip/ignore these "spark goodies". first I was excited that I had won a prize. I was thinking it might be an exercise DVD/protein bar/gift certificate to a health food store..... WHAT? A "virtual gift"? You have got to be kidding me! LOVE this site for holding myself accountable and tracking my food/exercise. If someone finds these point games motivating, then that is great for them. As long as they are optional, who cares?
    This is the second time I have won "sparksgoodie points" and both times I have tried to go to the sparksgoodie page and it tells me there is an error and it does not work. Seems to me like this is not worth the time or effort.
  • PSOSA077
    Wait, so does the Sparkgoodies page even work? Because I clicked on the more details link and it said that page wasn't available. I want a goody too! :)
  • PSOSA077
    Wait so does the Sparkgoodies work? Because it wasn't opening for me...
  • I love the Sparkpoints and Sparkgoodies!! They are fun, rewarding, and fun to give and receive! If you are having trouble with them contact help. Sparkpeople is wonderful and so supportive, I find I really need the help and support with my goals. Woohoo! Love you Sparkpeople!
    I don' think Spark Goodies work at all.

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