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Reward Yourself & Others with SparkGoodies!

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    There is nothing "goodie" about this. I want to accumulate points from spinning the wheel and I don't even get those. I am an adult, not a child getting sticker on my paper for doing good work or making an effort. I never bothered to waste my time with "virtual rewards" Make the spark goodies have a tangible value. It is stupid and I feel cheated.
  • I agree, if you could use points to reduce costs on some of the awesome products offered on the site to assist you in your weight loss journey they would be much more valued by us all.....
    These SparkGoodies are really not an incentive to me. If they had real value for real things I'd be far more interested.
    Love the site though. It has improved greatly (I used it many years ago) and the food tracker is way, way better. So thank you for your hard work!
    So let me get this straight. I barely have enough time to exercise and make meals and such but I am suppose to waste time picking out fake gear to wear? Sorry but that is stupid.
    Real Spark Points that have a real tangible value would be an incentive. Virtual points are not an incentive for me.
  • Oops. Forgot I already wrote that! (blush)
  • I like Spark Goodies. They're fun. I'd also like to know if there's a way to send a goodie to all my friends at the same time as if they're your own personal team as a previous commenter wrote.
  • SUKI103
    these "goodies" are no use at all. I see no use for them, no incentive to keep on the straight & narrow, nada. The p oints are far better, and the trophies give a great feeling.

    I have so many unused points........ it would be nice if I could ask SparkPeople to donate something to charity in exchange. That would be encouraging and give me an incentive to get more.
  • Is there any way to send a spark goodie to all of your friends at once as if they're your own personal team? That would be nice for holiday wishes. I like to give and receive the goodies. It's fun and a way to encourage people. Thank you.
  • Perhaps some of your advertisers could submit Coupons, discounts and give aways with Goodie points. Of course then they wouldn't be just virtual As we look over what we could buy/get with the goodie points the advertiser would get extra exposure.
  • Thanks SP for the Wonderful little Spark Goodies, I love them, as well as all my friends on Sp when they receive them.
  • Does anyone know if there is a way of giving your spark goddie points to another member? A team of mine was giving sparkgoddies for losing % of weight, this is very motivating to some. For me the goodies do nothing so I thought I would give my points so the team can continue the challenge. Any suggestions?
  • The only benefit I would appreciate about SparkGoodies is if you were allowed to use your accumulated points against the cost of cookbooks, spark-coach membership or spark tracker product costs. Please!
  • these goodies are of no use to me lol its like telling me there is lots of money in my bank account and there really isnt....I like keeping it REAL

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