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Reward Yourself & Others with SparkGoodies!

Use SparkPoints to Buy Virtual Gifts


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    wow I'm not a little kid thanks for the gold star but what a waste.
  • New here and was very disappointed to learn that sparkpoints have no real value. I agree with several other posts. I would rather you could use them towards something tangible.
    I am not a computer whiz, and usually I am on a Kindle Fire. However I am glad I found Spark People. In three months I have lost 24 pounds so far. I do track food but not on line and do 4 hours a week of exercise classes at the community pool. My favorite is Aqua Zumba. I am 61, grandma of 3. I want to enjoy my grandchildren and a healthy life.
    I am so thankful for a free site designed to help me lose weight. All these contributors who are taking their time to help us are just awesome. Why are some people complaining because they don't get real freebees?? I have lost 11 lbs....and I'm SO THANKFUL!!!
    I Cant wait to use them,
  • Agree with Allywinner. Don't you love not having to dish out $30.00 a month to be part of a diet team? Sparkpeople offers a lot and the virtual games are fun. Even adults like to play games or solitaire wouldn't be so popular. If it is not someone's cup of tea, that is ok too. Each person needs to find out what works for them.
    This is basically a free diet sight. Why should they give you real prizes when they are helping you for free. This is suppose to be fun. don't get you people
  • I really agree with most people here. The Sparkpoints could be used to earn small gifts--maybe just ones that can be used to get items for health. Coupons to health/sports stores, gift cards, pedometers or like SUKI103 said, points can turn to money to donate to charities.
    There is nothing "goodie" about this. I want to accumulate points from spinning the wheel and I don't even get those. I am an adult, not a child getting sticker on my paper for doing good work or making an effort. I never bothered to waste my time with "virtual rewards" Make the spark goodies have a tangible value. It is stupid and I feel cheated.
  • I agree, if you could use points to reduce costs on some of the awesome products offered on the site to assist you in your weight loss journey they would be much more valued by us all.....
    These SparkGoodies are really not an incentive to me. If they had real value for real things I'd be far more interested.
    Love the site though. It has improved greatly (I used it many years ago) and the food tracker is way, way better. So thank you for your hard work!
    So let me get this straight. I barely have enough time to exercise and make meals and such but I am suppose to waste time picking out fake gear to wear? Sorry but that is stupid.
    Real Spark Points that have a real tangible value would be an incentive. Virtual points are not an incentive for me.

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