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Reward Yourself & Others with SparkGoodies!

Use SparkPoints to Buy Virtual Gifts


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    Hi I am trying to make friend s and be a motivation to all. I appreciate this whole spark people comment and you thanks so much
  • a great way to earn and reward yourself and others with the things we have always wanted
    I got 100 goodie points I have yet to try it out. It still was so much fun when I spun and hit on it.
    Finally! A Goodie without calories or cost. Still keeps me on plan. Thank you!
    I'm glad I'm not the only one who is not "here".
    I don't get this. Somebody please explain this to me. I take it that you don't actually win anything 'real'?
  • Whoop 500 spark goodie points...I feel like I hit the lotto..the whole time the wheel was spinning I was "Come on 500...come on 500" sorta Vanna White style...yip! Thanks Spark People for your sweet little are just the best of the where's my virtual mall to spend these bad boys?? Your Florida Sun girl...
  • This seems ok to me and it is cute. I do think that it would be much more motivational if some of the smaller things (like the pedometer or a fitness magazine) cost more points but really did get sent to the purchaser or giftee. The virtual ones are fun too, like the cars and houses and personal chefs- but I think it's confusing that you don't even realize they are virtual when you first see the little ones. This is motivating mostly because it means other real people are thinking of your success, but it's only a minor motivation.
  • I love them! Any way we could add a heating pad and personal masseuse to the Goodie store's selections?
  • KATHIE103
    I've "earned" 200 goodie points, but I follow the directions and I am told you can't find this user. On my sparkpoints page, I do not have anything that says My Sparkgoodies.
    I am logged in properly. This sound like a good idea....if it worked!
    Not so great to me, everytime I want to use them I get a page says I am not here.
  • This is one of many great ideas that I have seen here. The things this site does for people is awesome, thank you.
  • How inovative and creative are these little jewels!!! There are "GOODIES" for nearly everything, even one that states something we should all say more often..."I am sorry" I hope S.P. does keep on adding new "GOODIES". They honestly are a lot of fun, plus incentives. LaceEjo11
  • What a fun and creative motivational tool! Something to show for our efforts! Yeah!
  • This is an absolute wonderful idea!!! I love it!

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