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Reward Yourself & Others with SparkGoodies!

Use SparkPoints to Buy Virtual Gifts


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  • Just won 500 points, can't redeem them for goodies,," i don't exist'' o well
  • It is a disappoinment you cannot get the goodies. I get the same as the rest of the people. The directions are misleading. They take you nowhere.
    I can't figure this out either. It keeps saying "we couldn't find that user". ???
  • I think that this website is wonderful & I am so appreciative that there are people putting time into helping other people reach life-changing goals. It is so thoughtful & considerate that the SparkPeople Team has come up with ways to motivate those of us who need the motivation. SP Team, please don't listen to the negative feedback here. Some people can never be pleased and their negativity will ultimately only hinder themselves.

    Thank you for your help!
  • I, too, am new to SparkPeople and can't figure this out either....not a big deal though. The rest of the site seems really easy to follow
  • I am just a few days new to this, but I also missed 50 points which I was suppose to have won by spinning some wheel. It flashed that I won the points, but they did not get added in with the other points. Couldn't waste time trying to find them and I wasn't getting any cardio in by sitting at the laptop.

    No big deal as far as I am concerned, b/c there is so much great info. on this FREE site!!!
    Do the administrators know the "goodies" can't be redeemed? I've tried many times, but receive a message that says I don't exist. Forget it.
    Can't figure it out either.
    But thanks .
    I too would rather have the points. I can never figure out how to redeem the "goodies".
    Well, I guess the goodies are ok...I guess if it was "real" gifts then we'd have to be on the site..?? So I'm thinking this is a pretty cool site..Why complain?
  • Just a quick note of dissapointment : (
    Although it's a nice idea these spark Goodie points...I have won 50points twice, and 100 points once. However, I have Yet been able to actually REWARD myself as this system seems to never work! I follow the prompts and it never takes me to a page where I can actually redeem them for something. I feel jipped as these points do not show up after you follow the link to redeem and you cannot try again as it says you have already redeemed these points! (Which I never have been able too do) There should be a seperate tally or calculator that keeps these points adding up as well, for members to redeem in future when they build to a decent number to reward ourselves.
    I find this a total let down when you get excited to hit a nice bonus and yet lose the chance because it is not clear how to redeem them and it seems as though I get bounced around from home page to spark points where the bonus points do not show up!

    Too bad I have NO confidence in this Goodie Point stuff as it's a total let down!
  • Well that was sort of rude....too bad ya cant give them to some one who DOES like them...:)
    not impresses with "goodie" points either. For a second there I thought I won something special. You can keep these.
  • I love spark goodies too! They show love and friendship from spark friends. And I am VERY excited about the bonus spark goody points I just won on the sign in spin!
    I guess I must be very childish and eas entertained ily because I LOVE LOVE LOVE buying spark goodies and I enjoy buying gifts with my spark points. I also love decorating my page with spark goodies. I would like to see more categories of goodies added, such as musical instruments, and other icons that represent hobbies.

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