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Reward Yourself & Others with SparkGoodies!

Use SparkPoints to Buy Virtual Gifts


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    Today is Thanksgiving in Canada and one of the things I am very grateful for is Premium SPARK. It is an excellent help for me and a grand resource for my journey to better health.
  • I love giving Spark Goodies!
  • I couldn't agree more with NIGHTGLOW !!! Well said.

    I hope to see a revised 'goodie' system soon, as well as the emoticons updated. I have inquired and suggested this many times before :(

    And where is the GAY PRIDE FLAG ?????

    I love SP but this part really needs to be updated and revamped.

    just my opinion.
  • I get it -- Spark Goodies are not for everyone. But for those who do like them, they are lovely and a fun way to cheer each other on.

    That being said, I wish there were new ones, and many more nice treats we could give each other, rather than so many images of vacations and exercise equipment that are not fun or pretty or inspiring,.

    SP, please add some new, bright, cheerful and friendly goodies!
  • Koo Koo, doesn't make any sense. Either a "goodie" is real or it's make believe and might be good for 3 year olds. The whole idea of imaginary goodies is insulting to a reasonable person's intelligence. And makes no sense, as Spock would say, it is highly illogical.
  • Great! I love it.
  • I feel like in the beginning, the points actually *did* get you real stuff. I swear I remember that.
    Something new I've learned
  • I buy the most expensive thing because in real life I'm always having to look for the cheapest option.
  • I'm loving Sparks and I'm competitive, even if it's with myself. I love seeing how many points I can get in a day. It's fun.
  • I don't get these 'spark goodies'. Are these real things you can order? I understand sending people 'goodies' for their wall, but not the exercise equipment if it is just virtual.
  • Shouldn't getting healthy be reward enough!!! I am grateful to have found Sparkpeople.
  • I've read 25 comments, I agree with the person that said that this is a free site and why should we get real gifts from the wheels when we spin the wheels. So the people that think it should be real gifts, they need to remember this is a free weight loss site. I hope
    everyone is having a Blessed Day on the Lord's Day!
  • its hard to get motivated , but maybe if the more things you did the more points you got and you can actually get something real with your points, it may motivate people to excercise , keep to diet etc more .
  • Goodie points make little sense. We see photos of items for different values. Yet, the items are imaginary or virtual in this case. So, if I use 5000 points for an imaginary vacation, why would I do that? Paying 5 goodie points for imaginary trinkets to leave for a friend to boost them makes sense. The rest doesn't, and it is confusing.

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