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How to Start Eating Healthier

15 Simple Ways to Eat Better Today


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    im only 26 but im so overweight that i feel 60. i have a hard time keeping up with housework and the kids. i work all day long and rush home and usually will stop at mcds or another fast food place so i avoid that hassle of cooking and then dishes. anyone have any advice for that? - 7/5/2009 4:13:56 PM
    I am new to spark people. I love the nutrition tracker. Reading todays article on HHow to start eating healthier was really good. I have learned so much about my personal eating habits over the past three weeks. The foods I thought were good for me turned out to have either the fat or cargs i didn't count on. This has helped me to manage my decisions, shopping and eating patterns. I love the articles, they hit on topcis that really pertain to me and my goals.! - 6/4/2009 7:29:42 PM
  • This article is great for everyone ~ the newbie in healthy eating to the veteran. I'm sending this article to all of my friends and family. - 5/19/2009 9:34:58 PM
  • This article is great and is helping me start thinking differently on how I can be healthier by doing it in a gradual natural progression. It's not that daunting to go on a better diet after all. Thanks - 3/4/2009 10:24:25 PM
  • I loved this article. It provided me with great tips for me to put to use. Thanx - 1/10/2009 8:38:38 AM
  • As I'm starting from scratch--new year new me-- I'm printing this article out and I plan on reading it EVERY day. - 1/1/2009 12:13:48 PM
  • Great article. - 9/3/2008 12:55:02 AM
  • If you don't like mustard, try a low fat/non-fat yogurt or ranch dressing. - 7/23/2008 4:23:45 PM
  • really good tips, I am glad I have started to like mustard the past few years! - 5/2/2008 6:15:12 PM
  • We DO deserve the very best! Regarding the tip about gradually switching to skim milk: I have found that an even more gradual way to do it is to mix two types of milk at first.

    For example, if 1% tastes too "watery" for you, maybe start having a glass of 3/4 cup 2% with 1/4 cup 1%. Gradually decrease the amount of 2% until you're drinking straight 1%. Then do the same with 1% and skim. - 2/7/2008 6:27:28 PM
  • Great tips! I've pretty much incorporated all of these practices in the last few years and it makes a HUGE difference. - 1/29/2008 3:27:46 PM

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