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How to Start Eating Healthier

15 Simple Ways to Eat Better Today


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  • Most of these are great changes to make but....I'm afraid I just can't do skim milk. It's basically cloudy water and tastes about the same. I was raised on 2% and I can do 1% with no problem, though it "tastes funny" by comparison, it's not bad....but skim is just gut-wrenching for me.

    Add in the fact that my mom, boyfriend, etc. all prefer 2% and it becomes fiscally unreasonable to make any huge changes in the milk department. With the rising price of milk these days, buying separate types for different people within a household just doesn't make sense.

    ...I'm also a bit nervous about trying to start "snacking" on nuts. Nuts add up quickly, and only a couple of them just makes me hungrier and I think I'd just go overboard on them.
  • ROLAND341
    Hello. I would like to thank you for this helpful article which is really informative to gain benefit. A healthy diet provides the body with essential nutrition; fluid, adequate essential amino acids from protein, essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and adequate calories. But what about the correct and full guideline? I can recommend a good source which includes precious tips from the diet gurus and nutrition experts. Happy and healthy days..!
    KERICUTCHALL, I found this newer app on my iPhone and have been using it for just about a month now. "Meals4me" is the name and its really getting me excited to try new recipes that stay in my calorie needs!
    Wow, I really like this information. Always looking for new ways to approach a heathy lifestyle and maintain motivation! Trying to balance a busy life and finding time to eat healthy can be a challenge but I find that having good healthy recipes that you like can be a great way to start!
    Is there a place on here that I can get some eating plans that are examples of daily meal plans so I have some idea of what I should be eating each meal?
  • Thank you. Great info.
  • Good article. Only thing is is hard when your husband does'nt want to follow suit. So, I think I am going to have to cook two meals. He likes all kinds of bad food.
  • It makes me happy to feel that I am on the right track. When I first started my lifestyle change this time around, I just ate the normal way I would for thte first week and just tracked everything I ate. This way I saw exactly how many calories I was eating.
  • i grew up eating an all natural organic vegetarian diet (well started when i was 12 at least when my mom stopped working 80 hour weeks haha) so eating healthy has never been a big issue for me. but since i moved out with my boyfriend (who grew up on a meat and potatoes diet no veggies) i have realized eating healthy is just too expensive. i gained a lot of weight because i would get the unhealthy cheap stuff. and soda. i loved soda. but now ive realized that yes im eating within my calorie range but im not eating good calories. so i started changing small stuff. whole wheat pasta instead of white (50 cent difference when bought in bulk) whole wheat bread instead of white. cut out the soda and drink more green tea and flavored waters. drinking about 120 oz of water each day. i started carrying a water bottle with me everywhere one with the filter in it so i can fill it up anywhere and get fresh water. i do some sort of workout every day. im not losing weight even tho ive been at this for a long while now but i am losing inches which encourages me. im just assuming my body needs to build up muscles first before it kicks out the fat.
  • great ideas, small changes add up to BIG changes! thanks
  • Disagree with switching to skim milk. Most milk is fortified with Vitamin D, which is fat soluble. Stick with 2% instead. Fat is not evil, our bodies need it, and I'd rather eat naturally occurring fats than the "I can't believe people expect me to believe this is butter" type. People just need to learn to rethink their proportions and cut out the junk. Eat larger portions of veggies and whole grains, smaller portions of meats and fats, and skip the sugar entirely if you can. Refind sugar *is* evil. But so are artificial sweetners. Totally agree with the advice not to drink calories, that's right on the money. :)
    I would rather go for a different source of milk (soy or rice) then switching from whole to skimmed, as the last one is nothing but a processed food, a category you should stay away from. In fact, fat is not as bad as it seams to be from different articles, but a necessary component of a healthy life diet, so an advice is to look for natural sources of fat such as almonds, mixed nuts, coconuts, olives oil, fish, avocados etc . I also recommend eating fats first time in the morning and avoiding them before and after working out, but is only my oppinion.
  • Great article! I do most of these things now and I love that Spark is encouraging small modifications rather than completely banning certain groups of food (carbs, fat, sugar. etc.)

    Although I've learned that fat free things just don't satisfy me and I eat too much of them. So I prefer to go with smaller amounts (read, the actual portion size) of full fat or low fat products. I use 2% milk in my cereal and I snack on cheese sometimes.
  • I think this is a very helpful, well written article. As always in the comments people will have their personal disagreements, but the point is that we have many options here. No one expects you to incorporate all of them.
  • I have to agree - This is a great article, the moral of the story is spot on, small healthy modifications are a good way to make long term, realistic changes that will stick. However, I have to echo the concern over using processed foods - low fat/fat free dairy, margarine versus butter (just google margarine v. butter and ants - and you might never go back) - Not to mention getting enough healthy fats, to feel satisfied and digest your nutrients properly. Modification, balance, awareness! Thanks for the tips Spark!

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