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How to Start Eating Healthier

15 Simple Ways to Eat Better Today


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  • I think that SP should check some of their older articles for accuracy. New information is found and things change along the way. Just saying.
  • I was surprised that they recommended low fat cheese too.
  • This article is a bit dated. Would be great to review content before reposting.
    Isn't the consensus that processed fat free and fat reduced foods have been contributing to our obesity epidemic?
  • good information to follow
  • Snacking the samples at Costco is my downfall!
  • EAYW47
    Portion control is my downfall .
  • Good article - still trying hard to "move with joy" - this is the one area where I fall (no pun intended) short since the old age achie breakies started. Some days it just hurts to move. Drugs make me sleepy so I'm better off not going that route. Choosing can be tricky - no doubt about it.
  • I am a type 2 diabetic just recently diagnosed.(June this year)so I would be grateful for any tips and advice please.... Thank you
  • I think I eat pretty healthy - for along time -- but the struggle for me becomes the portion control -- and I do weigh and measure, estimate -- and still struggle with the temptation to overeat healthy foods!
  • I wholeheartedly agree with the concept of making small, simple changes that are easy to sustain as healthful habits, there are a few of the suggestions here that don't make sense to me.

    While eating white meat from poultry does save you calories when compared to dark meat, or pork, or beef, it also gives you far less vitamins and minerals (B12, zinc, iron, etc.) so having a balance of different options throughout the week is more healthful than having just the lowest calorie option all of the time.

    While choosing fish is a great option, the lower calorie choices (cod, tilapia, other white fish) don't have very much in the way of those healthful omega-3's that are touted here. You need to go to the higher calorie, fatty fish (salmon, halibut, mackerel) to get good quantities of the fatty acids. Again, the healthier choice is not about choosing the lowest calorie option.

    Current information is really putting in to doubt the idea of going to lower fat dairy, and it appears that the full-fat versions of milk and cheese are not just tastier, but healthier and more satisfying as well. Again - the healthier choice is not about forcing yourself to change to the lowest calorie option.

    Finally, I really dislike the common advice to use smaller sized plates to "fool your brain". Use a big plate, fill 3/4 of it with an assortment of vegetables and fruits (I often have 5 or more "servings" of vegetables in a single meal), try to fit the protein on to that last 1/4 of the plate, and there will be no "fooling" required since you really will be full and satisfied with healthful foods.
  • My old man used to insist his "brown" bread was SO MUCH better for him than the white bread this was back in the day when they used to just add ,molasses to it to make it brown. Sad really.
  • -MANTHA-
    Great Suggestions!! Thank you!
  • Great ideas! I like all of them EXCEPT - eating low-fat or (God forbid!) fat-free cheese. Being a cheesehead, there is just NO comparison, sorry. I'd rather have a little bit of real cheese on occasion.
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