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Drinking Water During Exercise

How Much Water Should I Drink When I Work Out?


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  • There is no way I could drink that much I would feel too full and be sick to my stomach as well as in the bathroom more than on my treadmill!
  • It really floors me the people who go out in the hot Arizona sun WITHOUT any water. I have carried my liter bottle with me EVERYWHERE for YEARS. I cannot stand to be without my water. When I go on my hikes, I take a 2 liter water bladder in my backpack. I go through all of it!, =to 8 glasses. When I go to the gym, I ALWAYS have my water with me. Now with Water Aerobics classes, have it there too. The instructor really encourages this. You would think you wouldn't need it in the pool, but you do!

    GREAT article!
  • I start my workout at 7 am. There is not enough time for me to drink that much water unless I would get up really early:( Plus, if I drank that much water before, I wouldn't have time to workout...I'd be in the bathroom!!
  • I learned along time ago that I can't drink 8 8oz glasses of water in a day. I can however drink 4. Quarts that is. I got a 32oz cup and drink from that. I have one on my table. I even have one to take in my car. I've been told that I drink more water than most people. When it's hot (above 75degrees) I drink 5 quarts of water a day. The best thing I ever did was start drinking water.
  • i drink a 8oz this morning before i started on my lap i had to run to the bath room every 10 lap no more .
  • I work out in an indoor, heated pool for 1 hour a day. I sweat a lot, but no drinks are allowed in the pool area. I can't break my momentum to get out every 15 minutes, dry off and go out to the cooler in the hallway.
  • My habit is to drink 2 glasses before, at least 4 during my 45 min work out and then another 2-4 following. I need the water to cool me down after a work out as well as to replenish my body. I also usually drink room temperature water during and cool water after.
  • I always drink a few cups of water before I exercise and then a cup or 2 while exercising. I don't feel full or sick. All that moving makes me thirsty.
    When I drink anything while I am working out I feel full & sick. I am not as productive as I am when I don't drink. I drink water all day & I be sure to drink before I go in the gym but I just can't drink while excercising. Am I not getting out of the work out as I should?
    There is no way I could drink that much water every 15 minutes.
    When I drink that much water when working out, it jiggles the whole time. I'd rather drink when I feel thirsty, and go from there.
  • I get so sick of all this water hype! Yes you need water! Yes it is an important tool for weight loss. But this ridiculously high amount or in short periods...We also get water from the food you eat but no one tells you that, I get so sick of hearing about it! But the water company's and the bottle companys sure got everybody hooked! They love it! Next thing 'ya know they will be pushing for 100 oz!
  • I would never finish my workout if I drank a cup of water every 15 min. I would be in the bathroom.
  • I agree with Gladgad. I try to not take everything I read at face value. I use my past experience on how my body feels and reacts in addition to using the information I read. For me, it is a struggle to get in enough water throughout the day, but I manage mostly. But I could never get that amount of water in before and during a workout without losing my momentum and making myself too bloated workout effectively. Like some have mentioned, I too get nauseated with too much water. I sip before and a little during, try to make sure I do not become severely dehydrated, and I replace the fluids in a reasonable amount of time after. I don't think water needs to be instantaneously replaced as it is lost. Besides that, if you are working out hard, I would think that your body would have trouble processing a high volume of water at the same time.

    As a side note... I had a nice water bottle (which I lost shortly after buying it) that had a pop up straw. Although a pain to clean, it worked great for workouts. It made it easy to sip and it was less disruptive to my workout.
  • 32 oz an hour is too much! Even though your body might lose 32 oz of water per hour, it cannot process that much and you'll wind up with stomach discomfort, possible cramping or other side effects. It's a myth that you should "consume what you lose" during a workout. Depending on your weight you should replenish 10-16 oz per hour for vigorous exercise. Our bodies can handle a temporary loss of hydration, but it's important to continue drinking after exercise over the next few hours to slowly replenish what was lost.

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