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Drinking Water During Exercise

How Much Water Should I Drink When I Work Out?


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  • When I workout I have water nearby and I drink when I am thirsty.
  • Maybe one could take time to drink that much water during a very low impact workout like hot yoga, but during directed sessions like step aerobics, you don't exactly get to stop every few minutes for water - cause it starts to mess with your target heart rate. And - having that much water sloshing around inside of me would end up giving me a cramp! It just works better for me to make sure I've eaten and had some water an hour before class, anymore and I'd need a few bathroom breaks. I just drink all of my water as soon as my class is finished.
  • MMM225
    That seems like a lot to me. If i drank that much water during exercise, i would prob overhydrate. And it also depends on how intense the exercise is. Knowing ones sweat rate is important.
  • I actually intentionally STOP drinking (or eating) much for at least a couple of hours before I do my treadmill jogging/running sessions. I get stitches in my sides if I drink or eat too soon before my workout. I am sure to drink a lot of water right afterward but if I drink right before or during the workout, I actually get less out of my workout than if I don't. I am just doing all I can to not slow to a walk if a stitch hits me. I wish it wasn't the case but that's just how it goes!
  • Dehydrating a little is OK. It's not like a half-hour long run or Zumba class is going to kill you - have a cup of water (or two) before and then some more afterward and that is fine. Overhydration, however, is deadly. Make sure that you do not drink too much water - you don't have to stop at EVERY water station during a run, AND carry a water pack.
    I also do Zumba and cannot drink water when exercising. I will be running to the bathroom instead. Right after exercising I drink at least 16 oz of water. I usually do drink room temperature water. I was also told my body absorbs this faster. Don't know how true this is, but that is what I do.
  • Having said that , I can believe the article's supposition about the amount of water - when I used to take karate and somtimes we'd do an hour of sparring before the end of class and I can recall taking off my gi tunic and it probably weighed at least 15 lbs because it was soaked in sweat.
  • I LOVE to do this but with my BP meds and coupled with a weakish bladder I m always mortified of having an accident so I DON'T drink a whole bunch (especially) prior to my walks.
  • Someone told me that if you drink room temperature water that your body can use it faster. They also said that cold water has to be warmed up by your body first in order to be used... Anyone know if that is true?
  • I feel a lot better when I drink my 8 cups of water and not pop--I don't get as thirsty
  • I feel a lot better when I drink my 8 cups of water and not pop--I don't get as thirstyu
  • It's amazing how much better I feel when I do drink the eight glasses of water everyday! I don't feel blooted, or hungry!
  • Oops, I realized the atrocious math error I made. LOL. I was counting 20 minutes as if the hour were 100 minutes. It's relief to know I wouldn't have to drink 6 cups of water for an hour of exercise. 3 cups is MUCH better. Even so, our Zumba instructor kept us so busy that I barely had time to drink half of a 16 oz bottle. For me, it's much easier to fill up with water after a workout (when I'm home and also near a bathroom.) LOL
  • Am I the only one here with a tiny bladder? If I were to drink a cup of water every 20 minutes of exercizing (and I was attending that one hour long Zumba Class I liked going to) that means that I'd be drinking two and a half of the 16 oz water bottles that I use. Our Zumba instructor kept us so busy that I barely had time to take a few swigs from my water bottle, let alone run to the I'm certain that I would most certainly need to do a few times if I drank the recommended 6 cups of water just from that hour long exercise session. 'Xcuse me for sounding synical:( On the other hand, it's fascinating to know how much water my body is actually losing during exercise! I know that when I'm sweating buckets after streneous activity that it takes drinking one of my 16 ouncers to cool down. This explains it!
  • take water bottle with me and eat a fiber one bar after getting into the car

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