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Drinking Water During Exercise

How Much Water Should I Drink When I Work Out?


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    very helpful! i was wondering about this subject this week. thanks!
    I had no idea you could lose a quart of water. I need to drink alot more water!
  • Wow. This article was an eye-opener for me!
  • This information makes me want to learn to like drinking my water..I have a tough time liking the taste of water..I will try the lemon trick someone mentioned!! Good info!! thanks.
  • I didn't realize that you lose THAT much water!! I'm glad that I chose this article to read today. It helped give me an extra push to drink my 8 glasses each day. Thanks SP!
  • For those who don't like the taste of plain water, you may want to try RealLemon or RealLime. It's crystallized lemon or lime juice with no sweeteners. It really does taste just like squeezing a lemon or lime into your water!
  • Since I don't like the taste of plain water, I drink unsweet green tea or water with lemon juice. Many people avoid water because they don't like the taste, so it is good to find a remedy.
  • Great article. I learned more and feel I will be more successful in my weightloss because of it. Thank you!
  • SE7EN323
    This article explains why when I've been drinking more water, I peddle the bike harder and faster, but without much more difficulty. Now I know my muscles need the fluids just as much as any other part of me. Definitely something VERY helpful.
  • *C!DR@*
    By reading this article the author has made me understand things about water in an interesting way.
  • I thought this article was well written and informative.

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