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Drinking Water During Exercise

How Much Water Should I Drink When I Work Out?


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  • I've been finding the weight does slip off a little easier when I'm chugging back the water. I've also noticed that I am more "regular" if I'm well hydrated and generally just feel better overall.
  • My dad was a truck driver every night after work my dad and I sat on the front porch and shared a gallon of water. To this day water is my main intake. I will have a cup of coffee in the morning, and if I eat out I will drink ice tea or mist soda. My main intake is water. people tell me all the time what pretty skin I have, and it must be from the water.. I drink alot of water per day.
  • I always carry my bottle around with me at the gym..I, too, take small drinks when I need to, then when I'm finished, I drink a more substantial amount..I also dont take real cold water, as that seems to cramp my stomach..I wait for the cold stuff for when I'm home and cooled off alittle..
  • I'm learning how my body and mind reacts when I get enough water and not enough water. I keep a 22 oz insulated tumbler at hand with ice and water in it and make sure to finish it 3 times in the day to get my required amount. I place 2 rubberbands around it and after I fill it the second and third time, I remove a band for each filling. When the bands are gone, I know I have drank the water I need for the day! My skin and mental state are thanking me for it.
  • For me, sips every 15, 20 minutes is adequate to wet my trick has been chewing gum while on the cardio drinkin a lot of saliva I guess
  • Thats a LOT of water, especially if you are already drinking 8 a day!
  • I have been doing this, and I definitely feel energized and actually have better weightloss results when I do. It's very easy to get around 4 cups of water in just while I exercise LOL!
  • I do drink water before, during and after a workout, but frequently have to stop after about a half hour to use the restroom. wondering if interrupting a workout means too much water or is fine to get off the treadmill then come back.
  • CHANDRU_27586
    hi! this message has changed my view during exercise. earlier I thought that water should not consumed during exercise. but by this mail, I changed my ideas and I'll try to take adequate amount of water during exercise.
  • This is a great article to read you can learn so much !!!!!!!!!!!
  • wish i'd known this before i did my 5k. explains why my run seemed extra challenging. amateurs, huh? i'll know next time.
  • I too noticed that I would get nauseated if I drank very cold water during exercise or on an empty stomach. I find if the water is not quite so cold it helps. Also, try flavored water and drink slowly. A medical buddy of mine mentioned that water on an empty stomach can sometimes nauseate you because it mixes with the acid in your stomach. He stated that's why lemon is brought with your water. The lemon counter acts the acidity in your tummy. I don't know how true this is, but I started trying it and it worked for me!
  • Wow!! I had no idea you could lose that much water! Sometimes I carry my water bottle with me to the gym, but it's annoying to keep up with it, so I'll leave it in my locker until I'm done and then chug on the way home. I will definitely start hauling it around with me at the gym!
  • ROBSOM71
    I also get nauseated if I drink a lot of water while exercising. However, if I take a few sips (like one or two swallows) at intervals it seems okay. I drink a glass a few minutes before but if I drink more than that my bladder gets so uncomfortable and I have to keep stopping to run to the bathroom...I do drink a lot when I'm done though (at least 3-4 cups) but I space them about 5 min. apart and this seems to avoid getting a stomache ache :-)

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