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Drinking Water During Exercise

How Much Water Should I Drink When I Work Out?


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  • Sometimes I get a cramp during my Pilates class and the teacher says that I probably haven't had enough water. I also find that, even though Pilates is really gentle exercise and I hardly sweat, I need just as much water during the class as I need during more aerobic kinds of exercise.
  • What about those of us who don't really sweat. I am more prone to heat stroke because I don't sweat but my face sure shows all the heat I am holding in! If I drink water right before exercising I have to take a pee break so I don't usually do that (drink water that is!).
  • I, regularly, treat myself to a deep muscle massage. The massage therapist always tries to get me to drink water just before and just after the massage. I know that I should, but it is embarassing to have that "urge to go" right in the middle of a session. So, I drink water about a half hour before the session and chug down a couple of glasses after the session when I get home.
  • "Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink" --(a line from a poem.)But in actually water is available--all kinds of it.! Recently, I made a note in my journal, "I noticed the more water I drink, the greater my weight loss." Thanks for the re-affirmation and addtitional info! "A whole quart?!?! WOW!
  • I always knew it was important to drink water before, during, and after a workout. But, it's nice to have a well-written article to tell me why. I thrive on the "whys" of the world. By the way, I LOVE sparkpeople.
  • I've been finding the weight does slip off a little easier when I'm chugging back the water. I've also noticed that I am more "regular" if I'm well hydrated and generally just feel better overall.
  • My dad was a truck driver every night after work my dad and I sat on the front porch and shared a gallon of water. To this day water is my main intake. I will have a cup of coffee in the morning, and if I eat out I will drink ice tea or mist soda. My main intake is water. people tell me all the time what pretty skin I have, and it must be from the water.. I drink alot of water per day.
  • I always carry my bottle around with me at the gym..I, too, take small drinks when I need to, then when I'm finished, I drink a more substantial amount..I also dont take real cold water, as that seems to cramp my stomach..I wait for the cold stuff for when I'm home and cooled off alittle..
  • I'm learning how my body and mind reacts when I get enough water and not enough water. I keep a 22 oz insulated tumbler at hand with ice and water in it and make sure to finish it 3 times in the day to get my required amount. I place 2 rubberbands around it and after I fill it the second and third time, I remove a band for each filling. When the bands are gone, I know I have drank the water I need for the day! My skin and mental state are thanking me for it.
  • For me, sips every 15, 20 minutes is adequate to wet my trick has been chewing gum while on the cardio drinkin a lot of saliva I guess
  • Thats a LOT of water, especially if you are already drinking 8 a day!
  • I have been doing this, and I definitely feel energized and actually have better weightloss results when I do. It's very easy to get around 4 cups of water in just while I exercise LOL!
  • I do drink water before, during and after a workout, but frequently have to stop after about a half hour to use the restroom. wondering if interrupting a workout means too much water or is fine to get off the treadmill then come back.
  • CHANDRU_27586
    hi! this message has changed my view during exercise. earlier I thought that water should not consumed during exercise. but by this mail, I changed my ideas and I'll try to take adequate amount of water during exercise.

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