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You Can Run a Mile Without Stopping

Reach Your Fitness Goals!


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  • MICHELE13281
    I am going to give it a try tomorrow - 1/27/2017 11:30:43 PM
  • I've tried to get into running, but my medical restrictions on physical exercise have not allowed me to go more than 1/8 mile before my heart rate tops out at the maximum set by my doctor. I do walk a lot, and often in the 4.5-4.75 mph range sustained for about 15-20 minutes before I reach the top. For me, running is no longer an exercise goal. - 1/22/2016 11:07:33 PM
  • SHAHAI16
    I can walk for a really long time, but when I try running my legs hurt, I think I have shin splints. I'm gonna try this, hopefully it's gradual enough that it won't hurt so much. - 1/21/2016 10:08:13 AM
  • Definitely going to try this. It sounds doable. : ) - 12/27/2014 7:54:31 PM
    I walk 5 miles every morning. And then I added a 3 mile walk/run to the evening. I run 1/4 of a mile, then walk, for 3 miles. It's going pretty well. - 10/6/2014 9:30:14 AM
    Good job sunnshyne72!! I did c25k too. I'm on week 6 & just do what I can do. I still can't believe i can do it! - 10/15/2013 3:16:08 PM
  • I've been using an app on my phone to help me run one mile. It is much more aggressive than this plan and I am having a hard time with it. So far I am doing 2 minutes 15 seconds of jogging and then 45 seconds of walking. I am wondering about backing off and trying this plan instead but I am not sure since I am three weeks into the other one. - 8/24/2013 1:06:57 PM
  • Each week is 4 repetitions of a total of 5 minutes (varying in the minutes walking/jogging). So each week is 20 minutes, not 25. - 8/6/2013 2:26:56 PM
  • Minor math point, but if you have 4 repetitions, you'd have 25 total minutes in the first line, not 20. - 8/1/2013 4:15:18 PM
  • Great article. - 6/27/2013 8:25:04 PM
  • I'm adding this to my 2013 Goals. Running has never been my thing really, but I won't give up trying. - 1/10/2013 10:35:09 AM
    At this time last year I believed that I could never run. I had tried interval running and was always winded and discouraged after just a few paces. Then a girlfriend showed me a few simple tricks, and I ran a mile then and there! It didn't take me four weeks--it was immediate! Here they are, if anyone's interested:
    1) Run as absolutely slowly as you need to, barely over a walk if necessary.
    2) Keep your upper body relaxed: don't clench fists, don't pump arms--let your elbows move just a little with the rythm of your body. Head erect, don't tense your neck.
    3) Inhale two steps, exhale two steps....
    In 6 weeks I ran my first 3.2 miles. I am now up to 7 miles and training for a Spartan sprint. I have lost over 15 pounds. I'm still in shock, I feel like a totally different person!
    Good luck! - 12/19/2012 10:46:10 PM
  • I am going to try this one ... lets see what happens! - 10/19/2012 4:30:34 PM
  • I'm not a runner but I am thinking of giving this a try. It is a good way to burn calories quickly and jump start my metabolism. - 8/2/2012 8:44:20 AM
  • I would love to do this!! I am still working on being able to walk comfortably for an hour. So when I reach that goal I hope I can find this article again and get started. - 4/28/2012 10:49:59 AM

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