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You Can Do Perfect Pushups

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  • None of the links in the article would open.
  • I’ve been neglecting them. This us a good reminder.
  • Am at the stage where I can do 10-15 knee pushups per set, but my goal is to eventually get to full toe pushups
  • Have done some wall push ups, but none on the floor. Want to get full push ups because cannot get on knees.
  • I trained myself to do push-ups using the training program New Rules of Lifting for Women. It included planks - I can now hold a 90 second plank, but when I started I could barely hold it for 30 seconds - and pushups at an incline. I started pressing off a bar (I used a bench-press bar, and have also used the Smith Machine bar), and then moved it lower (to a bench) and finally to the floor.

    I found the trick for me was to remember it is a PLANK, and to squeeze my butt. I can now do 8 in a row, but it will only go up from there. I can't get my nose to the floor yet, but I'm the closest I've ever been. I'll be working on perfecting that nose-to-the-floor over the next few weeks.
  • This is my dream exercise is the Regular(military) push up. I will master it. I just have to get past the cramp I get in my foot when in the full plank position. :(

    My number to achieve is a mere 50.
  • I used to do up to 25 "real" pushups many years back. Now, I don't know why my knees don't want to come up! So only girly pushups for me now! :(
  • I am unable to do even 1 pusu-up at this time but tis article gives me hope. I will make sure to give it a try.
  • WOW.. maybe if I LOSE about 80% of my body weight, then I can actually chest press 80%,... though I'll be too weak to chest press any weight!
    I've been working on my upper body strength for a while. Currently I bench press 50 pounds, which is "not quite" 80% of my body weight ;-) Actually it's quite a bit less. However I can do about 8-10 perfect pushups in a row, and after taking a break I can do a few more. So I'm confused by the advice to work up to 80% first and then do pushups.
  • Years ago I used to be able to do literally hundreds of pushups at class. Sadly this days appear to be long gone at least for now.

  • I started a boot camp class at my gym about a month ago, and found it AGONIZING how often they worked in pushups! When I started I could do a total of 4 (regulation push-ups). Now I'm up to 30!!! It's amazing how much you can improve when you just keep at it, relentlessly! (having very mean trainers who don't cut you any slack helps too!)
  • Stability ball push up are only harder when the ball is closer to your toes, but that still isn't as hard for me as floor push up, because the ball supports some of your body weight.
  • I might be mistaken, but isn't pushups on the stability ball HARDER than floor pushups?
    Also, are there any suggestions for improving floor pushups. I can do about 8-10, at what my dad estimates to be just short of 90 degrees or perfect form.

    I seem to be stuck in getting to perfect form, and any more than this number. =/

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