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Stock Up on these Healthy Staples


  • Great article. - 7/3/2013 8:25:09 AM
  • I think this article has some good tips but I agree with other commentors that it is conflicting with other articles. Maybe if they mention that the less the product has been processed or broken down (like with oats in oatmeal) the better the product will work for weight loss. If your body has to work harder to digest the food then it is doing the work for you. On the other hand I think we can keep in mind that some people might not be incorporating breakfast into their daily routines until they've decided it is time for a change and let's get some healthier food choices. So quick cooking oats would be a good option because it takes less time to make it for breakfast in he morning. And you can get quick oats without all the added sugar etc. if you buy it from the bulk bin instead of in a box labelled with quaker.

    There that's my little spiel haha

    Good luck to all you people reading this article looking to make changes it is hard but it can be done! :) - 11/1/2012 9:57:21 AM
  • Excellent article! - 10/26/2012 3:54:49 AM
  • I DO QUAKER 1 MINUTE QUICK OATS - 10/4/2012 2:12:30 PM
    @LONIANNE- Instant oatmeal does not have to mean sweetened. There are plain, unsweetened, unflavored instant packets and instant oat canisters available, which is what this is referring to. - 10/4/2012 10:02:46 AM

    In the article (Shopping Cart Essentials), within the section on Oatmeal, there is a mention to buy instant Oatmeal (to save time).

    What a conflict this is with another article (Breaking Your Sugar Addiction)! Right in the second paragraph (& I quote here): "Surprisingly, some "healthy foods" such as yogurt and instant oatmeal can pack in 20-30 grams (5-7 teaspoons) of unnecessary added sugar!

    Somebody didn't do their homework before writing this article. - 9/23/2012 1:42:23 PM
    I enjoyed this article. I don't like whole milk, I just drink soy light. Also love bananas, putting them in the freezer, those are great to have on hand for smoothies. :-) - 5/23/2012 11:47:48 PM
    I used to feel the same as some of the other commentors about skim milk. I weined my self off of it by diluting whole milk in stages. 10% water for a week, then 25% for the next, until eventually I got to straight skim milk. Now that I've managed to get to the skim milk stage whole milk almost makes me want to gag. - 4/26/2012 10:55:50 AM
  • Just wondering where the Greek yogurt falls into place.. Maybe I just didn't read the article thorough enough but do I remember seeing it? - 3/31/2012 10:46:05 AM
  • Excellent article! Great resources on this site, makes it easy to stay focused. - 5/7/2011 9:47:15 AM
  • JEANETTE2011

    This article helps new members on the first stage of a diet. - 4/12/2011 2:46:00 AM
    Very interesting, though most of the produce sections of stores in our areas have plenty in them worth avoiding; but that's nit-picking, isn't it? I will disagree with the recommendation for skim or low fat dairy. Nothing lower in fat will ever have the same taste as the original in the dairy case, period. After drinking whole milk for a while, drinking skim milk is like drinking water. And I, at least, have noticed a difference in how I respond to them.

    (Caveat: not a diabetic, but with sometimes unstable blood sugar.) I generally use non-homogenized milk, and as the cream content by percentage inevitably goes down with each glass, I notice I'm hungrier earlier. Same when it comes to yogurt. (And I have no idea how low- or fat-free yogurt can be made. I make my own from whole milk with almost no problems, but I never successfully produced anything from reduced fat milk. Grainy on the bottom and water through the rest. Inedible, basically.) - 1/16/2011 10:56:53 PM
  • i noticed that the links weren't working. - 10/30/2010 1:57:39 PM
  • I love this article!! I'm pleased to see that after almost 3 years on Spark, this is already what my grocery list looks like. I focus on finding and creating meals from fresh, minimally processed foods (although I still like my extra Fiber Wheat Thins).

    I wish I could save this article to my SparkPeople profile!
    Jocelyn - 10/30/2010 1:24:35 PM
  • I refuse to drink anything but full fat milk. Anything less and it just taste like milk flavored water. In any case, I like to use milk as a meal substitute when I'm too lazy to cook or realized that there is nothing else in the house.

    I also agree with ACERENO, low fat cheese is disgusting. But I can only buy cheese once in awhile. That's the food that really got me down this bad road. - 9/17/2010 10:47:18 PM

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