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Shopping Cart Essentials

Stock Up on these Healthy Staples


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  • Good list, thanks.
  • this is pretty much how i shop--minus the few items on the "healthy" list to which I'm allergic, of course. ..
  • great list! I was happy that many were already on my staples list and added a few others to try.
    I already eat lots of apples, bananas, grapes, nectarines, oranges, berries, dark green leafy veggies, celery, bok choy, onions, some carrots, some avocado, some romaine/green, etc. lettuce, as well as lots of other produce, but a LOT of berries and cherries in particular in the summer. Mushrooms to a much lesser extent. Brown rice is a "here and there" kind of thing, as are corn, beans/lentils, nuts and seeds, though I used to eat nuts and seeds a bit more often. Wheat is also a "here and there" kind of thing, though in smaller amounts than corn, beans, etc. I don't consume dairy, just a little bit of butter, ice cream on an occasional basis, and almond/rice/coconut/hazelnut/cashew/banana
    , etc. milk. Eggs are an "off and on" thing-splurge or fast, and only organic eggs. Fish is also a "here and there" thing-sushi, salmon, shrimp, shellfish, and canned fish are all high to fairly high or medium priorities in my diet... Chicken and turkey I eat somewhat more often than grass-fed red meat, but I try to watch how much red meat I eat, and I only buy organic, skinless chicken, and organic turkey-one of my few indulgences is that I do dark poultry meat, rather than light poultry meat. I use a bit of oil in my cooking (almond, etc., is preferable over olive, etc.), lots of herbs and spices, as well as tartar sauce for fish, and bbq sauce for red meat. Also garlic powder for meat and poultry. Water is the main thing I drink, but I'll have other things like almond milk, hot cocoa, 100% fruit juice (in moderation), seltzer water, stevia sweetened vitamin water, etc. Other foods I tend to eat a fair amount of, are hummus (recently), Nalley's thick chili (canned), Monterey's frozen chimichangas (off and on, sort of thing), pork ribs to a lesser extent (along with uncured bacon), watercress, collard greens, spinach, green beans, peas, broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus to a somewhat lesser extent, grapefruit, pears, and not a whole lot of potatoes.

    With sweets, etc., I'm eating MUCH less of them more recently, and I generally don't eat sweets very often. With candy, really, it isn't esp. tempting, but sugary drinks are, unless my blood sugar is at a fairly moderate to not too low level... Drinking more water helps...
    Got the message - more dark leafies and eggs.
  • Good information.
    Thanks for sharing this!
    I appreciate the information.
  • I'm going to have to work on bacon and hot dogs. I don't have them daily but I do have them every so often.....yum & ugh
  • very helpful tips
  • Thank you for the help in Gro. buying. Opened my eyes to several mistakes i am making while shopping. I will try to do better since I know better. Thanks again
  • helpful information

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