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August 17-23, 2014 Virtual Race

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Race Participants 33 participants

Type of Race:
Type of Race Username Gender Age Time
5K Running BEMBLEY M 26-35 26:33
5K Running KBIRKHOFER M 46+ 29:27
5K Running IVI111 F 36-45 30:14
5K Running WATERLEARNER F 36-45 31:31
5K Running PUPPYWHISPERS F 46+ 33:32
5K Walk/Run STEADYANDSTRONG F 36-45 42:04
5K Walk/Run LUVS2BIKE101 F 46+ 42:30
5K Walk/Run TCANNO M 46+ 44:05
5K Walk/Run HAPPYINHK F 36-45 47:29
5K Walking SAANVO F 26-35 53:00
5K Running MKBWNSUGAR F 46+ 53:86
5K Walk/Run WEIGHT130880 F 26-35 55:10
5K Walking JUSTSILVIE F 46+ 68:34
5K Walking DEBBIEDAY F 46+ 84:02
5K Walk/Run 4_MY_GIRLZ_N_ME F 36-45
1 Mile Beginner's Walk ACHARLTON3 F 36-45
5K Running ACTIVEGODDESS F 26-35
10K AKPECK1971 F 36-45
5K Walk/Run ARPITO F 46+
5K Walk/Run ASNEEZY82 F 26-35
5K Walk/Run BALLETBEAUTY703 F 18-25
5K Walking BAREFOOT_HIPPIE F 26-35
5K Walking CASEYCUP M 46+
5K Walking IRISHSWEETPEA53 F 46+
5K Walking ITSSMEE2 F 46+
5K Running LYNEGAUTHIER F 36-45
5K Walking MDAVIS55951 F 36-45
5K Walk/Run MZPAULA23 F 36-45
5K Running NETIM631 F 26-35
5K Walking RX_2_RV F 46+
5K Walking SOUTHERNSARA F 26-35
5K Walking TABBYSNEAKS F 36-45
5K Running YEAROFJUBILEE F 36-45

Race Wall

Race participants can post messages before and after the race.

Finished 5K this morning now planning a mid-October 10 K. :)

DEBBIEDAY - 8/23/2014 10:54 AM

Results Posting: 84:02, 5K Walking
HOT & Humid even with an early start. Have not been walking regularly so this is a good start and plan on doing another as soon as I check with my 'race team' buddies!!!
DEBBIEDAY - 8/23/2014 10:09 AM

Results Posting: 55:10, 5K Walk/Run
Walking and running almost after 3 years. Excited about the time. :)
WEIGHT130880 - 8/22/2014 11:49 PM

Results Posting: 47:29, 5K Walk/Run
5.69 km with an average pace of 8:20 min/km
HAPPYINHK - 8/22/2014 2:08 AM

Results Posting: 68:34, 5K Walking

JUSTSILVIE - 8/21/2014 12:42 PM

WEIGHT130880: Way to go!  - 15 hours ago
RX_2_RV: Great job!  - 48 hours ago
JUSTSILVIE: My first 3 miles since my Knee problem. I am ssooooo HAPPY!  - 50 hours ago