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November 23-29, 2014 Virtual Race

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Race Participants 22 participants

Type of Race:
Type of Race Username Gender Age Time
1 Mile Beginner's Walk RECIPELOVER2 F 46+ 15:00
5K Running BDJOHNSON F 46+ 38:55
5K Walk/Run JOLACHA1 F 46+ 43:20
5K Walking TCANNO M 46+ 43:47
5K Running WALLAHALLA F 46+ 44:44
5K Walking AHLEANKIM F 46+ 52:48
5K Walking BETH7CAM F 36-45 61:10
10K MAPFARMS F 46+ 72:59
5K Walking AHOMBR F 26-35
5K Walk/Run COLTONS-MOMMY F 26-35
1 Mile Beginner's Walk FRASERKR F 46+
5K Walking JANAY03 F 36-45
5K Walk/Run JSANTOS38 M 26-35
5K Running LINARRA F 26-35
5K Walk/Run MILAGRO54 M 46+
5K Running MIZPAM25 F 46+
5K Walk/Run OMARIA1999 F 36-45
5K Walking SIMPLYPATTI F 36-45
5K Walking SMOF3KIDS F 26-35
5K Walking TOPAZ28 F 46+

Race Wall

Race participants can post messages before and after the race.

Results Posting: 52:48, 5K Walking
Treadmill at the gym w/ varying inclines.
AHLEANKIM - 11/25/2014 12:17 PM

Results Posting: 38:55, 5K Running
It was actually 3.16 miles, but who's quibbling? :)
BDJOHNSON - 11/24/2014 6:01 PM

Results Posting: 44:44, 5K Running

WALLAHALLA - 11/24/2014 11:04 AM

Results Posting: 43:47, 5K Walking
Yeah under 45 minutes for a change
TCANNO - 11/24/2014 9:58 AM

AHLEANKIM: Congratulations! That's a great time 2nd week in a row that I know of!  - 25 hours ago

Results Posting: 72:59, 10K
40 degrees and rain
MAPFARMS - 11/23/2014 7:10 PM