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October 26-November 1, 2014 Virtual Race

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Race Participants 34 participants

Type of Race:
Type of Race Username Gender Age Time
5K Running IVI111 F 36-45 27:50
5K Running KBIRKHOFER M 46+ 28:22
5K Walking TOOTERH F 36-45 29:56
5K Running TINMANJONES M 36-45 34:01
5K Walk/Run DMEDWARDS F 26-35 36:56
5K Walking MAGNOLIA416 F 36-45 38:38
5K Walking TCANNO M 46+ 46:41
5K Walk/Run BERKANAFAIRY F 36-45 52:45
5K Walk/Run JSANTOS38 M 26-35 53:45
10K DVILL818 M 26-35 56:21
5K Walking MA_DIDDLES F 46+ 67:45
5K Walk/Run AMVJ1010 F 36-45
5K Walking BEKAHJOY210 F 36-45
5K Walk/Run COLTONS-MOMMY F 26-35
5K Walking FISHERCHERYL123 F 36-45
5K Walk/Run GRANDMUD123 F 46+
10K HOCKEY47 F 46+
5K Walk/Run KRATOSMANI M 26-35
5K Walking KYLIEB73 F 36-45
5K Walking LOSINIT038 F 36-45
5K Walk/Run LUNABYRD F 46+
5K Running MANNE9 F 26-35
5K Walking MARYMKS1 F 46+
5K Walk/Run MAYAMOCHA F 36-45
5K Running MICHAEL. M 46+
5K Walk/Run MILLETJ2W F 36-45
5K Walking RICHLADY39 F 46+
5K Walking SHERILEEAZ F 46+
5K Walking TALAMAR F 46+
5K Walking TWILAQ1 F 46+
5K Walking VPATRICK2014 F 46+

Race Wall

Race participants can post messages before and after the race.

Results Posting: 56:21, 10K
I really enjoyed getting here. I never imagined being able to jog a 10k without stopping. What now? Half marathon?
DVILL818 - 10/30/2014 1:58 AM

Results Posting: 29:56, 5K Walking

TOOTERH - 10/29/2014 5:24 PM

Results Posting: 52:45, 5K Walk/Run

BERKANAFAIRY - 10/29/2014 8:03 AM

Results Posting: 28:22, 5K Running

KBIRKHOFER - 10/29/2014 6:06 AM

Results Posting: 34:01, 5K Running

TINMANJONES - 10/28/2014 6:07 PM