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4/7/12 3:39 P

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Complex, you're a team member, with all the rights and privileges!

As always, alternate interpretations are always welcomed--that's how we learn!

Lesson or situation (Major Arcana): The Moon
Someone Iíll meet or something Iíll learn about myself or someone I know (Court Card): Page of Cups
Advice or obstacle (Other Minor Arcana): 7 Cups
Theme of the day from Shamanís Oracle: Dancer of Frustration

Actually, I think it's the Dancer of Frustration that says it all. The key word that resonates is 'release'. I do believe I'm releasing lots of stuff (The Moon), leading to self-love (Page), and to me the 7 Cups looks like I'm being advised to reach for the stars.

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4/7/12 11:31 A

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Can I start one of these? I do them every day on my blog, but I feel weird about starting a thread here, since I'm new-esque...

Here goes anyway :)

Two from the Druidcraft, one for eating and one for overall mental/physical well being.

For eating, I pulled the King of Swords. There's the mental mastery and discipline I need to get back on track after a measured "cheat" day, yesterday. It only makes sense after the Princess of Swords, from yesterday. The King says it's not really in my heart...because seriously, I got up and wanted a piece of pie for breakfast. It's not effortless to get on track today, but for the "good of the kingdom" I'd better take a leadership role in my life.

For Mental/Physical well being, I got the Knight of Pentacles. Still slowly, making my way. I'm on forced rest, right now, gently moving around the house to clean up after yesterday, and do my daily routine. It has to be slow, steady, and done with love for my body.

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You know you're doing all right
So hold on to each other
You gotta hold on tonight

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