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10/31/12 1:13 P

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Wow all such great ideas. I would say teach him how to properly boil pasta.

Well for my son I didn't really have to do anything since he went to school to study to be a chef.

My daughter is living in a dorm room and we bought her a fridge and microwave. She can't really "cook" anything.


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2/12/12 1:24 A

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Make sure you tell him how easy it is to make some veggies. There's some frozen steam in the bag ones that are super easy and nutritious.

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2/11/12 6:47 P

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Sounds like some of my ideas have already been posted -- but the only thing I'd add is possibly having him get individually wrapped frozen chicken breasts... Then that way he could thaw one when he needs it - and only one... I throw those in the oven with a little garlic sprinkled over them -- bake at 350 for about 20 minutes! EXTREMELY easy - yet good protein! AND fairly fast! Then I'd add baked potatoes to that "meal" too... Either in the micro -- or in the oven -- but at 350 they have to cook alot longer than the chicken and might take too long for him if he's hungry! LOL...

Other nice thing about chicken breast is if he likes "parmigiana" type stuff - then he can pour some tomato sauce over them and add a slice of cheese and he's got a totally different "meal"....

Guess the other thing is maybe how to make his own pizza (if he's needing to live cheaply)... Crust mixes are cheap, tomato sauce is cheap, cheese isn't -- but it goes a long ways... And meat can be expensive except a package of pepperoni goes a long ways too usually! Or if he likes, veggies - they're pretty cheap too!

Does he eat/like fish at all?? Broiling fish might be another thing to teach him how to do... Take a cod fillet, sprinkle on some Old Bay Seasoning and minutes later he has dinner! LOL...

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2/11/12 3:40 P

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Teach him how to make a simple grilled cheese sandwich, cook a hamburger, how about french bread pizza---that is a good one and pizza at least gets some tomato in him. And you can get him a George Foremen grill for doing burgers, steaks, chops----males do tend to want to eat meat---LOL----have 3 sons so know that for sure.

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2/11/12 3:12 P

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Some fellows will surprise you and learn that they love to cook, while others (like my youngest ds) would almost starve if he didn't have friends who like to experiment and use him as a guinea pig!

Learning how to do simple "guy meals" aka--meat-n-potatoes is a good start. Baked potatoes are easy and can be cut up and used as homefries with eggs the next morning. Teach him how to roast a chicken, broil steaks or pork chops (instead of frying) and he'll do okay.

Honestly though, Lola, as handsome as he is I doubt he'll have to worry about going hungry for long ;)

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2/11/12 12:07 P

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Teach him to make chili. He'd have leftovers, could eat it over baked potatoes or as sloppy joes. There are lots of easy chili recipes including this vegetarian one

It may not be the healthiest food but we also get the Knorr's Noodles and whatever or Rice and whatever (used to be Lipton's), add in some leftover meat (chicken, beef) and have "glop". Serve with a side of veggies and he'd have 2 meals (unless he is REALLY eating a lot).

Roast chicken ISN'T too hard--and can give him leftovers for several meals. I have finally learne to make 2 at a time so I have good meat for other meals. Baked potatoes would be easy to do as well!! They would heat fast in the microwave to go with another meal.

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2/11/12 9:44 A

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Yes, I know; I should have taught my son how to cook everyday simple meals. He rarely was in the kitchen (oops) and now he's moving out when he graduates.

What simple meals do you suggest I teach so that he doesn't get in the habit of fast food and poor meal plannings.
He makes sandwiches, opens can soups, and makes spaghetti. Yikes, that's is so bad.

TIA for sharing :)
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