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7/14/12 8:00 A

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Maybe I should come to Baltimore and do some hillwork for my marathon training for the Marine Corps Marathon emoticon !

Sadly, my hills here in Texas are small bumps in the road.


Coach Nancy

7/13/12 11:38 P

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Coach Nancy, I think you hit the nail right on the head with the downhill bit. My runs on Monday and Wednesday both had quite a bit of downhill work in them (Baltimore's not known for being flat). And it was the few downhill bits of my run yesterday that were causing me to notice. I'll change up my route this coming week and see how it feels. If need be, I'll adjust further -- I'd been contemplating taking out my Thursday run anyway since I'm also swimming (a form of exercise I've always enjoyed -- thirteen years of competitive swimming never really leave you, it seems) 2-3 miles, five days a week. Ten workouts a week was starting to wear me down a bit.

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7/13/12 8:26 A

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Good advice for all of us, especially me, as an older runner with mild osteoarthritis. Thanks for the question and the answers!

Teri - Lexington, KY

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7/13/12 7:39 A

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Hi Ready,

As long as you are not in PAIN, you should be OK. I think what many of us forget is that when we begin a training program we are upping our game and when we do, our body needs time to allow for the adaptation to occur. This is by making sure you a following a healthy diet, getting plenty of sleep and that you are doing some quad exercises (wall squats are really good for this) to help develop the muscles that support the knee.

If you have never been a minimalist shoe or barefoot runner, I would not recommend that you go that route now. The reason, you are using muscles in a different manner which could alter your footstrike which in turn cause issues up or down your kinetic chain.

Keep a running journal if you haven't already started. The reason, you want to see if you see a other words if you are doing hill work (downhill running is VERY hard on your knees and quads) on Tuesdays and your knees bother you a lot on Thursday (delayed onset muscle soreness-can occur up to 48 plus hours AFTER your runs) than you may want to pull back on doing hillwork to every other week.

Lastly, remember your training program is NEVER written in stone. In other words, if your knees are really sore and you have a 4 miler on the books, it's best to take another day off to allow more recovery time than to push through which could lead to change in your stride which could lead to other issues.

Take care!

Coach Nancy

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7/13/12 1:55 A

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ACL and meniscus problems commonly lead to osteoarthritis later and the chance is higher the greater the force is that is placed on the knees. Being overweight is an issue as is heel striking when running. You may want to look into minimalist or barefoot running which encourages forefoot striking which significantly reduces the force on the knees. Take time off from running, never run through pain. If you ignore pain you may cause a lot more damage to your knees. Strengthening the leg muscles around the knees is very important as well, but that can be done in many ways other than running as well.

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7/13/12 1:11 A

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I'm no expert by any means, but it does sound like you may be trying to do too much too soon. Honestly, three days a week done right is enough, usually two short runs and one long run. Building your mileage gradually really does work; the number I've heard quoted most is increase your mileage by no more than 10% a week, and give your body the rest or cross-training days it needs.

When I was training for my first half marathon last year, I generally did three to four runs a week. The longest run I did before the race (per the training plan I was following) was 10 miles, and I was worried that it wouldn't be enough, but it was--I had no problem finishing the extra 5K.

Listen to your body and make sure you're giving it the recovery time it needs. Recovery time is as important as running time. Coach Nancy and some of the other more experienced half marathoners will hopefully weigh in with more/better advice for you; good luck with your training!

Denise (Half Fanatic #1279) - PDT Time Zone

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7/12/12 11:28 P

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I thought you guys who have been running for far longer than I have might be able to offer some advice.

Yesterday, I noticed that my knees were hurting a bit. Not a lot and only when I'm running. Today, they were worse. Not so much that I can't run and not so much that it really impedes my runs, but by the end of my training session today, I could definitely feel it.

When I mentioned this to my running partner today, she thought it might be that my shoes are too old, but they're Adidas running sneakers I bought in May, so it's not that they're old, lacking in quality, or shoes designed for something other than what I'm using them for.

I should mention, for the record, that this is not the sort of knee pain I had when I was younger with ACL and meniscus damage. This is definitely joint pain.

So, am I running too often too quickly? We're at the end of our third week of actual training on a program that has us running three times a week. I am terribly afraid of not finishing this race, so I've been tacking on another two because three runs (of which two are short little half hour runs -- we're doing Jeff Galloway's training program) doesn't seem like it's enough to build up the endurance we need to do an entire half marathon. I can't fail at this, but it's also way too early to be having knee problems.

Any thoughts?

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