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10/29/13 8:56 A

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I'll tell you what got me from the Couch to a Half Marathon:

a free podcast called "Podrunner."

I started with their Couch to 5K program, which is a 10-week program of intervals, gradually increasing to a full 35-minute run. After that, they have an 8-K and a 10K program, which also increase the speed you're running (or walking) at.

Besides the 5k, 8k, and 10k programs, they also have "Begintervals" which is basically speed training in intervals.

The only way to get faster is to run faster, so the interval training podcasts are great for that.
The only way to build distance is to ... yep, add distance :) So the 8k and 10k programs are great for that, or just challenge yourself to run 5 more minutes each week, or whatever your goal is.

I'm relatively new to this and I'm taking a very conservative approach to training, so I only added distance increases of 10% each week. This spring/summer, I did a 13-weeks to 13 miles program in 26 weeks, just doing half the distance increase each week.

I had asked other people which was better -- to run longer or to run faster -- and most people told me BOTH! They suggested I spend one running day on speed training, and another on a "long run," trying to add distance each week. That works for me.

What I noticed is that my 5k time got noticeably better over the late summer/early fall, but now that my races are cold-weather, my time is decreasing. I suppose that's because I'm not as efficient an exerciser in cold weather just yet.

Hope this helps!

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10/23/13 11:07 A

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Im in kinda the same spot that you were and I know this is a little late but...

My plan is to increase my weekly runs to:
3X3 mile runs (comfortably at decent pace)
3X3 mile runs and 1 hour on bike machine
2X3 mile runs and 1X5 mile run and 1 hour on bike machine
1X3 mile run and 2X5 mile runs and 1 hour on bike machine
3X5 mile runs and 1 hour on bike machine

I don't have a set time frame so I'm just gonna kinda feel it as I go along but at least 2 weeks per step... maybe only 1 on step 2. I'm still trying to lose a significant amount of weight as well so I don't want to push my body too hard on a calorie deficit, don't want to go burnin up my muscles.

After I get to 15 miles per week I plan to start looking at speed work and all that stuff but for now I just want to train my body to get used to running every week.
The bike machine is mainly there so I can "run" more but limit the abuse my body takes. I had a small injury a few weeks ago and after reading that 3/4 runners have some kind of running injury every year I decided to take it safe and easy. has good info for beginners under running

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10/8/13 3:56 A

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I see no one replied to this yet. I've read that a good way to improve your speed and endurance is to do interval-training. This means you sprint for 1 minute or so, then walk or run slower for the next few minutes.

Another advice is to run uphill, this can also notably improve the speed.

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9/9/13 9:15 P

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Hi, I'm new to the board but I'd like to ask a question.

Is anyone else in this situation- I ran my first ever official 5K a couple of weeks ago (It was the Glow Time 5K- great fun I highly recommend it) and although I'm pleased with myself, I'd like to improve my time, and get faster.

So my question is how should I be training? Should I go for 5K every time, or concentrate or distance, speed, etc? Does anyone have any advice for me?

Thanks in advance

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