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4/26/10 8:11 A

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I have tried schedules and cleaning certain things certain days has never worked for me. I am a lot like another member though..I do have a daily routine. Every day I get the bigs kids on the bus, then my 18 month old watches one show while I do sparkpeople. We then walk, I shower, we go somewhere every day (library, park, etc) just to get out of the house and then I put her down for a nap while I eat lunch and clean the house...then the big kids are home and I do homework and help them the rest of the afternoon and make dinner...pretty boring but nice!

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1/10/10 11:06 P

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It varies from day to day. But most of the time, we wake up, eat breakfast, play on the computer while she watches one show. Then I clean my house, we go for a walk or play games, and then she naps in the afternoon. (I try to sneak one in too) Then she wakes up, I make dinner, bath her and put her to bed.

haha, this makes me realize just how boring I am :(

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4/21/09 6:20 P

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Well I have NOOOO schedrule. I get up when my kids make me my husband is pretty much never home or at least thats how it feels. I make breakfast and then do the dishes that I didnt do the day before. I easily get distracted so while I have done the dishes I have also let the dog out done laundry fought with my kids given them a snack or lunch watered the yard and checked my emails. By then I am thinking about dinner maby working out but usually thinking how bored lonely and sick of doing the same stupid things everyday of my life. I usually workout in the afternoon but I am going to try to go to the gym with my cousin and she wusually goes at night which means maby I might get out of the house without my kids because when my husband is home its usually at night. I go grocery shopping whenever I want but usually when I get too bored at home and I always take my kids. When my husband is home we go shopping and out to eat all the time he thinks we are rich or something. So anyway my day has no structure and very boring. So any suggestions on how not to be so bored and sick of my day to day life let me know. emoticon

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3/30/09 2:40 P

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I have a schedule for laundry and cleaning. I do laundry on Wednesdays. I vacuum on Monday (upper floor) and Friday (main floor). Once a month I clean the bathrooms (1/2 bathroom and bathroom in main bedroom). As for spot cleaning the house...the toys get cleaned up at the end of the day, which my son helps with....I do the dishes as my son is eating or playing by himself. I workout either when he is taking his nap or in the morning before he gets up. As for getting out of the house...I hardly do...simply because I don't have many friends.

Hope that helps....

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2/16/09 2:07 A

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My day is very similar to yours MAJACH 3! I stay home most days that my husband is at work because it is just easier than packing up my 1 and 2 year old. I do laundry when it needs to be done, fold it when another load needs to come out. I clean when it's just too messy or someone is coming over. I do clean the kitchen a lot because I am in there so much and since we don't have a dishwasher I do quite a few loads of dishes a day. I workout in the evenings when the boys are in bed because my youngest rarely naps for more than 45 minutes. Glad to hear I am not the only stay at home mom who doesn't keep a sparkling house at all times...sometimes I feel lazy but it is harder to keep up on then people who work think. I am sure I could do more but I am happy with the balance I have between cleaning and spending time with my kids.

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2/5/09 2:08 P

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With four boys, 2 in sports, and one 8 mos. old - I do two loads of laundry a day, almost every day of the week!

I follow my own variation of the FlyLady routine. On Mondays, I do my major cleaning as that is the first day that I am home without the kids and DH. I do a lot of it while the baby plays in the living room on the floor. The rest I do while he takes his 2nd nap. I usually use his 1st nap to work out, shower, get dressed, and check emails/get on the computer. I use his 2nd nap to clean the house, take something out for dinner, and catch up on reading if I have time. (We live in a very small apartment for the time being so even deep cleaning takes less than an hour).

Once the kids start coming home from school, it is pretty much me spending the afternoon trying to get them to do whatever it is that they are supposed to be doing instead of what they are really doing LOL! Once it gets to be about 4:30, I get dinner started and by 5:30 DH is home and it's time for evening routine.

We are getting ready to move into a new, much bigger house, so I am sure there will be some tweaking of the routine.

I very rarely get out of the house alone. I don't really go anywhere during the week, except for kids' games and practices or maybe a date night with the hubby. I stay home during the day because after 4 babies, I've realized it's not worth it to upset the baby's routine just to go somewhere I really could wait to go until later.

I've by no means arrived, but praise the Lord, I've set sail!

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2/3/09 12:31 A

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The only thing that is on a for sure set schedule is when my little girl goes to preschool which is mon-thurs 11am-2pm. Other than that no set schedule. She doesn't get on the bus til 10:30 so I get up whenever my kids wake me up. Once she leaves I start in on laundry if i have to, play with my son, feed him lunch then lay him down for a nap. This is when I try to get in my workout...unless my husband is at home (he works swing shift) I dare not work out in his presence. Laynie gets home from school around 2:30 then it's feeding, playing, tripping over toys, pulling out my hair, getting supper ready...typical day in the life of me. Bedtime comes promptly at 9pm for my kiddies...i start counting down the minutes at like 3pm LOL. I don't get out of the house much. I do my major shopping every 2 weeks-with my kids. 99% of the time I leave my house my kids are with me.

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2/2/09 8:31 P

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When my 3 yo old wakes me up I make us breakfast and I havce to check my emails. Then I clean up the house a bit (usually I do a different room each day unless we are having company than I do the whole thing) After lunch I fit in my workout while my youngest son watches cartoons. If hubby is home we can go out and shop if we need something. He works 3rd shift, but 1st on his part time job. Since our second car is a truck from AZ and doesn't like the snow here in OH and doesn't run well in the winter, we can only go out when he is off his part time job, other wise it will have to wait till he gets home. When my older 2 gets home from school I start to get dinner ready. and after dinner I spend some time on the computer.


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2/1/09 7:40 A

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Sundays are my "R&R" day - we go to church, then all the kids help with lunch and cleanup and I never do laundry or cleaning unless absolutely necessary...I figure if God needed a day of rest, then so do moms. :-) Monday is the beginning of the school week - so after breakfast I have to get my three homeschooler's lessons planned out for the week and get them back in the school routine; and get my teenagers off to school - not a lot of cleaning or laundry gets done that day. Saturday is actually my main cleaning day - on an ideal Saturday, everyone (includind dad ;-) pitches in for a couple hours and we tackle the whole house at once and get it done. The "ideal" doesn't always happen, of course. ;-) Tuesdays and Thursdays are my teenagers laundry days, so I don't get a chance at that day either. Wednesday and Saturday are my main laundry does definitely pile up around here. My teens also are expected to help with meal clean-up when they are available - so that helps. My dh taught me early on, when I was feeling more and more overwhelmed with all the kids and all the mundane WORK that goes along with it - that delegation is very important, and even a preschooler can learn to bring their dishes to the sink after a meal, pick up their toys, help set the table, etc. It's actually good for both of you...teaches them responsibilty, and helps you feel like you've at least got a little bit of help - no matter how "little" that help is. :-)

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1/31/09 6:21 P

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My day varies from day to day. We do have our usual, normal routine like breakfast, nap time and such, but laundry and cleaning, I'm like you. I wait til I have too!! I get out of the house a lot actually, but it always seems we have something going on. (For example, my mom is in the hospital and I've been up there for hours each day since Thursday!!) I NEVER get out alone though... and that isn't a joke!! I tend to exercise either in the morning, or usually while Austin is napping.

So... in general... my days are always so busy!!

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1/31/09 1:01 P

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My schedule is probably going to look quite different from everyone else's, due to the fact that my children are probably older than yours and I homeschool.

Laundry usually gets done as soon as I have a full load. It goes in right after I get up, and usually gets put in the dryer around lunchtime.

Dishes - I try to get to them after each meal, but it doesn't always happen. I also have a teenager who gets that task in the evenings twice a week, so that helps me out.

Cleaning - I try to do the bathrooms once or twice a week, and mop once a week. I am trying to get into the habit of sweeping daily, but it isn't happening right now. Vacuuming is on a get-around-to-it basis, although I would like to get back to doing it more regularly.

Getting out of the house depends entirely on the schedule for the week, as I do my major shopping every two weeks, and the kids have periodic activities. Getting out on my own - that depends on if you include shopping.

Exercise is done at night, as it just works better that way.

Thankful for the Lord Jesus Christ coming into my life and changing me!

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1/31/09 12:22 P

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I was just curious from other stay at home moms, what do your days look like? Do you have scheduled cleaning days/laundry days? Do you clean up the kitchen after every meal or leave it all for the end of the day? (or early the next morning? emoticon ) When do you fit your workouts in? How often do you get out of the house to do things during the week(with or without your kids)?

As for me, I have no scheduled cleaning days/laundry days. Whenever we run out of clothes, that's when I do laundry :) Cleaning (sinks, bathrooms, vacuuming) gets done whenever I can't stand the mess anymore. Although toys/play areas are picked up every day before bedtime. I do tend to keep the kitchen cleaned up throughout the day, probably because I'm in it so much. My workouts are currently at night, because I am just NOT a morning person emoticon . I get out of the house about once a week (not including weekends) with my boys for an errand or two. My husband has been making it a point to get me out of the house withOUT my boys for just some ME time once a week as well. Much needed lately!

How about you all?

"There's a difference between interest and commitment. When you're interested in doing something, you do it only when it's convenient. When you're committed to something, you accept no excuses; only results.� - Kenneth Blanchard

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