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3/20/09 10:24 A

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I weigh every day (usually) but I am using it more as a guide, it does help realize one things do to me on a daily basis. In a way it gives me a daily accountability to how I've eaten the day before.

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3/10/09 12:21 P

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i do both. i do weigh often, but i don't let the number bother me. i try to remember that it's not the whole picture. so i include fitness and other forms of measurement to gauge where i'm at.

i was quite pleased with myself last week when i had to RUN through most of logan airport (b dropped me off 20 minutes before a flight out), and while i was winded, i wasn't dying. before i'd started on my journey, i'm sure i would have collapsed long before getting to my gate.

oh, and not only did i make it to my gate, but i was able to go back to security and get my hat that got stuck on the conveyor belt!


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3/4/09 12:50 P

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I think this depends a lot on what stage you're at in your weight loss. At the beginning, when you're making huge changes and the weight comes off fast, weighing frequently and seeing the changes can be motivating. In the middle, when the big changes have been made and you can only do a little at a time, I think putting the scale away is a really good idea. I did it for a while when I was plateaued-- I held back to weighing once every two or three weeks. (I was trying to weigh only once a month, but I cheated.)

Now, in maintenance, I'm the exact opposite of Karen. I weigh almost daily, just to make sure I'm not "drifting." It's very easy for me to pretend I'm not eating too much or that I'm exercising more than I really am, and I can gain weight even while eating almost completely "clean." However, I do allow myself a 10-pound range instead of holding myself to a specific weight. I'm discovering that I eat more and weigh more in the spring than in the rest of the year, for some unknown reason. I keep an eye on that but let it happen at least a little, and then work hard to get down to the bottom of my range in summer and fall. If I didn't weigh fairly often, I wouldn't have been able to find that pattern and make the decision to accept or change it.

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3/4/09 11:52 A

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I barely use my scale these days. I've pretty much turned it into a door stop. I go by how much clothing fits instead.

That's what my original goal was. It wasn't to be a certain weight, it was to fit a certain size pair of pants. Well, I achieved that and then some.

When I went in for my physical a few months ago, my PCP said that I could lose weight if I wanted, but it wouldn't make me any healthier. I am in the best health. So, anything I lose would be strictly cosmetic and ego driven.

I'm also at a point where the scale isn't a good judge for me. I carry too much muscle now. So, the scale will say I'm big even though, I'm not.

Don't forget that body builders and athletes are considered overweight and obese by BMI standards.

I say don't tie your emotional state to what number stares back from between your toes. Get out a tape measure and measure your inches lost.

How many push ups can you do ? How mnany miles have your run or walked ? The scale can't tell you how fit you are. It just tells you what your bones, muscles, internal organs, hair, body fat, breakfast and water weigh at any given time.

There's a lot about you it can't tell you.

That's why I barely weigh myself. There is more to being fit than a number on a scale.

-- karen

3/3/09 4:11 P

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When my scale battery gave up the ghost a few months ago, it was a freeing experience NOT to weigh every day, as I am a scale junkie also. However I do agree with Ecomuffin that I like seeing those numbers, especially when they go down (even a few ounces!!) and when they don't, it makes me have to think about what changes I may need to make. I will say that since I've been working out at the gym, the numbers are going down more slowly but I feel so much better (as Twisty said, allowing myself to "feel" the changes, if not seeing it reflected on the scale) and knowing that I'm eating right and exercising makes me care less about what the scale says.

Yippee!!! Summer is here!!

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3/3/09 4:09 P

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LOL I did without my scale for a long time bc it was broken. Once I got a new one...I don't think I could do without it for very long. I do use it as a guide. I can get a little obsessive with weighing but I don't take it to heart. My official weigh in day is Wednesday, so I don't actually take any number in to account except for Wednesday morning. So, the other days are either a boost in morale or a kick in the butt to get myself in gear!

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3/3/09 3:07 P

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I need my scale! emoticon

I really feel the need to track my numbers. Lately, I haven't been eating as well as I should and I'm terrified of the scale. But at least it keeps me on my toes!

“When I was 5 years old, my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down ‘happy’. They told me I didn’t understand the assignment, and I told them they didn’t understand life.” -John Lennon

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3/3/09 2:52 P

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I got away from the scale for a while ... when I thought I would just maintain for a while. I don't think it lasted long and I ended up gaining, BUT I wasn't as motivate as you are (I think I was just slacking).


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3/3/09 2:17 P

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One of my recent realizations is that how I feel when I get on the scale versus how I feel when I've completed a daily workout are worlds apart.

So in order to keep my outlook on my health journey positive, I've decided to stop weighing and to simply measure myself with a tape measure, once a month, and to keep focused on quality food intake (portioned, at that) and ever-challenging exercise.

Considering I'm a scale junkie, this prospect is a bit scary but worth it if it keeps the mood swings away.

Question: Would you be willing to give up your scale, and rely on how you feel and what you can accomplish as your yardstick to success?

If you did, how long would last?

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