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9/25/12 7:58 P

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Honestly, to me it's all about fitness. Weight is just one rough way to estimate overall fitness. We use it as a shorthand because it's convenient and often reflects fitness, but what I'm seeking is overall well-being.

There are other ways to characterize well-being, as you indicated - pain tolerance, mood, energy levels, strength, endurance, flexibility, etc.

I had to experiment around to find the macronutrient ratios and overall calories where I feel best (with fewer cravings, etc.), how much sleep I require, what mixture and types of cardio / flexibility and strength regimes, etc.

For me, as you know, I'm happiest with my butt in a boat, plying rapids on a river. So for me my happiness is tied to how well I can kayak, and I tailor a lot of my practices toward that.

But you're right, it's important to pay attention to the things that make you feel better, in general, because the better you feel physically, the happier you're likely to be overall, and in the end, isn't that the whole point of this?



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9/16/12 12:00 A

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I find that maintaining weight is easy, even without exercise, as long as I stay very low-carb, no more than 50 grams of carbs/day and at least 70% of calories from fat.
I had to stop almost all exercise (except walking) for the past 6 weeks and did not gain any weight but my body composition changed some. It will take regular exercise to get the percentage of body fat down and muscle mass up. Less exercise did affect my mood a little, especially being outside less. I can't wait to get going again tomorrow.


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9/15/12 5:08 P

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At my age, (81), I have to pay attention to several factors, including exercise, calories, water and salt. My doctor put me on a low-salt diet several years ago and it keeps my blood pressure right on target. As long as I keep my focus on healthy lifestyle, I don't have to take any medications at all and feel much younger than I am.

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9/15/12 11:20 A

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I don't pay close attention to anything but my food plan, and I don't track any nutrients at all,just exchanges. I have to keep it as simple as possible or I'll throw it all in.

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9/15/12 7:41 A

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I have been maintaining for almost 11 months. In that time my weight has been very consistent but my body comp wavers. To peak (which I've done twice - defined as body fat around 18-19% on my devices and weight 2-4 pounds below goal) I need to keep my diet high protein and 'clean', do intense totally body strength training 3x a week, and take my calcium/E/fish oil. Any one of those out of whack and I don't lean out.

Hydration is important for my general well-being. When it's off I feel headachy, tired.

Salt intake affects how I look but a high salt day followed by a day with lots of water and an intense workout is just a blip.

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9/15/12 2:44 A

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It's too late tonight to say much except, hi, girl! Nice to see you here. My barometer is not as finely tuned as yours. What I am usually looking for is a general feeling of vitality, though it may be very low key. It's getting easier and easier (to me) to choose the foods and amounts that make me "hum."

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9/15/12 12:58 A

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While I'm technically not quite in maintenance mode, I have slipped in and out of it (in a funny way, if you consider stops along the path during the journey of weight loss), and I've noticed that there are HUGE differences in these areas, depending on how I am handling these bouts of maintenance.

-attention to nutrients
-attention to consistent exercise
-attention to sodium

These main points are like a compass to where my body will go - meaning,

-what my body composition is like
-influences positive and negative outlook
-pain tolerance
-inactive pain being generated (headaches, etc)
-how strong or weak my body feels
-lung capacity
-perspiration rate/tolerance
-overall enthusiasm/joy

I wanted to join this team because of my observations. And knowing that I can do better- not just at losing weight, but at maintaining it, no matter where it falls on the scale.

I am only 10 pounds above my lowest weight so far- one that I reached 2 years ago, so that has been my practice run.

Anyone with similar experiences? Like, maintaining weight is one thing, and while related, maintaining fitness is another. I'm sure that maintaining fitness is a key component to maintaining weight loss, too.

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