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2/26/10 3:05 A

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Hi Thanks for sharing this information.
Maintenance I am sure shall benefit us all.

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2/25/10 9:41 A

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I saw the blog and article a week or 2 ago (time is rushing by, so I can't exactly remember!) and it was really interesting and well written. I'm looking forward to new installments.

I actually have used the science to my advantage, and feel it's helped me make much better choices in my eating and exercise habits. I think different folks will respond different ways to information, and if a program and outside support is what you need to stay away from the doughnut, then that's your program, for me, knowing the transfat content, and how it's metabolized in my body is what keeps me away from the doughnut (plus the memory of what it does to my digestive system, not pretty!) and reaching for the fresh fruits and veggies.

Good to see you back Russ! Thanks for keeping us informed and armed!

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2/24/10 5:26 P

It's good to see some more attention to maintenance.

I agree that will power is the main factor and that SP is a fantastic influence and constant guide to keep me accountable. I learn something new most days - usually from other people who are facing similar challenges or finding new strategies and writing about them in their blogs.

Thanks for providing more resources.

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2/23/10 7:46 P

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I have only be at My goal for a couple of months. (the longest I have ever stayed below goal. I seem to be desiring sugary foods much more in the past couple of weeks than I have for quite a while. I have found that the more I eat the more I want. Before that I was very strict. I am now loosening the reins and have introduced dried fuits. It is quite scary for me at this time. Time will tell.

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2/23/10 12:37 P

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Glad your move is finished and you are back in the thin of things. (Sorry, just couldn't use the word thick there.) I have been reading the Spark and I have been at goal for almost 5 years now. I am thinking of trying to figure out how to take the philosophy, methods, etc of Spark and restate it for maintenance. Will keep you informed of my progress. May write a blog about it in a couple wees.

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2/23/10 9:23 A

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Too many scientific articles don't tell me what I want to hear, but that doesn't make them useless. If you are looking for "The Secret" you won't find it in any scientific or technical writing.

In the end it is just me and the doughnut. No scientific understanding of what will happen if I eat the doughnut is going to keep me from eating the doughnut. The resource needed is an understanding of some kind of Higher Power to reassure me that I will survive and be happy, actually HAPPPIER, not eating that doughnut. You don't want to get too specific about defining a Higher Power. For some people the Higher Power is a next door neighbor, or the WW group. Whatever works. Science cannot define anything as subjective as spiritual or fellowship support, but, that is really all that stands between me and the doughnut.

I love reading the research of weight loss and maintenance. It's fascinating. My son is a Registered Dietician and we can discuss that stuff for hours, but none of it will keep me from the doughnut. HP and fellow souls on the journey are the only true help I have. I have been at goal for most of 39 years not because of any scientific understanding, but because through my own experience and the experience of others, I have learned absolute faith in those resources. And thank you Russ for your website. It is another wonderful resource!!

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2/23/10 8:45 A

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Hey guys --

So I've been MIA a while around here. Partly because life's been crazy -- finally moving out of the French Quarter to a (slightly) saner part of the city -- and I had to take some alone time to do a bit of soul searching.

Thank god That's over. *Laughs* It reminds me of a quote -- "If you want to discover the meaning of life you're better off downing a bottle of whiskey ... at least you'll pass out before you take yourself seriously."

We got a new column over at Second Helping I wanted to alert you to, written by our very own Sparker 4a-healthy-bmi.

Her SP blog about it is here:

It's called Strength in Numbers, and in it we're picking apart the maintenance research that exists, explaining how/if the research is worth heeding, and basically taking all the science mumbo jumbo and making it real and applicable.

It's funny for me personally. I'm grateful Ang is taking this on because scientists and doctors aren't my strong suit. I just remember the mind-numbing arrogance of various doctors before I lost weight. And while obviously I did benefit from their research in various diets as I lost weight, I honestly felt I achieved what I did in spite of them, not because of them. It was help that hurt -- for all the advice, they just disempowered me usually.

What I love most about Angela's work is that she's not only explaining maintenance in clear terms, she's explaining the nature of science too. For someone like me with a big chip on his shoulder about science and medicine, she's made both those things empowering.

Please check out the column and leave some comments. But beyond, how do you feel about the science and research is usually discussed? Do you also harbor a doctoral chip on your shoulder?

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Russ Lane

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-- Hit goal and felt a little thrown to the wolves. Dedicated his life to increasing support for those at or nearing goal and eeking every possible amazing thing out of it.

Limits? Pah.

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