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TOPIC:   Ramen anyone? 

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4/26/11 12:22 A

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Ramen noodles are fried, which adds a lot of fat. I've heard that rinsing them off helps (so use one of the packs with the flavoring separate, cook the noodles, drain/rinse them, then add more hot water and flavoring.) They're still high in sodium though--you can cut down by only using half of the flavoring packet.

I would definitely add frozen vegetables to make it a better meal (add them when you add the hot water and they'll cook.) I also crack an egg into mine when i add the hot water to get more protein. The egg cooks and makes it kind of creamy. If you don't want the fat from the yolk you can just add egg whites.

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4/22/11 5:02 P

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I like to eat string cheese and unsweetened applesauce. The string cheese though is a super saver. I may not feel full afterwards but I am satisfied. Now with the unsweetened applesauce I feel full but as satisfied. I at least get rid of the sweet tooth too.

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4/21/11 7:42 P

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ramen's something i'd end up doing early in the day--and make sure to have nothing else that was salty for the rest of it (whew!)

one thing i'd love to do is make sure to pinch a corner of the packet so i didn't put too much salty flavoring in there and then dump the rest in. I also put a good cup or so of frozen mixed veggies while the water started to get boiling to have some veggies for the day. its usually tough to do.

i don't do it too often anymore--ramen's too tempting and tasty for me, and screws up my progress because like good pizza, i can't have just one bowl a day. i downed the last of my stash last night, won't get any more for several weeks, i think. just can't afford to--waist-wise, that is.

my later-night snacks usually are packaged snack crackers or a banana--it helps and i don't feel so guilty. carb cravings at night suck. and i make sure to down tea like no tomorrow--it helps, get that good caffeine-free chamomile or whatever. mmm...i need some in a little bit.

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4/20/11 5:49 P

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I've been finding it increasingly difficult for me to snack on healthy foods when I stay up past midnight doing homework. I'm going to try to buy extra yogurt during the day so I have that to snack on at night instead of Ramen Noodles. Does anyone else experience this? I don't know if Ramen is particularly unhealthy but I'm sure it's not healthy either.

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