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8/31/09 8:56 P

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I am in the same boat...I got off track and have picked up the weight that I lost. I am now back to 161 pouds...I hate my body! Every time I look at myself in the mirror i cringe!!!!! My stomach is so fat that when I sit down I look like I'm about 3 mths preg and when I am standing I look like I'm 2 mths preg. I hate the looks I get. I feel so uncomfortable in my clothes...I don't feel like anyting looks good on me...I just feel so UGLY! I have to get this weight down and start feeling better about myself. Maybe we should all hold one another accountable for working out and eating right.

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8/21/09 11:44 A

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I'm having a hard time getting back on track too!!!!! Last semester, I was able to lose 10 lbs... now I've been able to maintain my weight, which is a plus, but I'd love to lose my last 10 lbs before graduating in May. I came back to school a week earlier because I knew once I got back I'd eat healthier again and not snack when I'm not hungry, but so far it hasn't really worked out as I had hoped. Last night I made pasta and green beans, and I ate EVERYTHING! I was completely full half way through but just kept eating until I finished the plate! SO BAD! That's one of my old binging habits, and this morning I weighed myself and gained a pound.

After that being said, my goal for today is to NOT overeat and get a work out in!!! Email me if anyone else has any advice, or if you need help for motivation! I know I'm not too motivated right now, but I'm definitely willing to help! emoticon

Let's do this!! Good luck today!!

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8/13/09 10:40 A

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I haven't been in school since I decided to lose weight but I know exactly what you mean about not eating as well while you're home in the summer. I live at home year round so I'm going to have a huge struggle. If it's an option for you I would suggest buying some of your own food. I've done it before I made the decision to lose weight with unhealthy food but I'm sure you could do the same with healthy stuff. But it and put your name on it. I said if someone else ate the food I paid for with my money they could pay me for it. It was understood in my house then that if I bought it it was mine unless you asked and I ok'd you to have some.

Glad to hear drinking water has curbed some of your urges to eat. I agree bringing your own lunch when you work and working out before going to work would help. If you do eat the free food and you're at the point where you think you should stop but yet you want to keep going remember how you feel after you've eaten more, not good right? so to prevent that tell yourself no and you'll feel better that you didn't over induldge on the free food but you won't feel deprived that you didn't get to have any.

Moderation is key in my outlook! Have a slice of pizza, just don't have 4!

Good luck!

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8/5/09 12:13 P

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thanks for the advice. glad to know i'm not the only one going off track in the summer. congratulations for you getting back on track. i'm going to try to be healthier these last few weeks at home, but yeah, at least school starts soon so i know i'll be better off once i go back! i'll take something healthy to work tonight and stay away from pizza

8/5/09 11:20 A

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At least school starts again soon!

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8/3/09 11:00 P

I'm in the same boat. I when I was living on campus, I had to walk everywhere, I drank mostly water and ate healthy. I lost 20 pounds. Since I've been back home I've gained 10 pounds in one month. For the entire month of June was I got back on track kindof. I worked out 5x a week but eating was my biggest problem. My family are not healthy eaters. I always had to beg my mom to buy fruit instead of cookies. So in July I gave up on working out since everything I ate was junk. But during the last week in July I started working out again bc my pants were getting tighter.:( Since I have gone so long not working out I couldn't do 60 minute routine bc of my laziness. I switched to 20 minute circuit training and like them alot more. And I started drinking water again. Since I started drinking water again I've lost the need to eat when I'm not hungery. I would suggest to just keep trying, do a small workout before work bc you'll be too tire after work, maybe try packing a lunch and limiting the amount of slices you eat, and drink water.

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8/2/09 10:01 A

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I did awesome when I was away at school and lost 15 pounds. Now that i've been home for the summer, i can't stop binging. I work at pizza hut and can't seem to turn down all the free food, and when i do give in i just keep eating all the things i usually deprive myself of and make it worse. i've put almost ten pounds back on since i've been home. i've tried to start over pretty much every day this summer but i keep doing worse and worse. i want my old healthy habits and skinny body back. any suggestions to keep from binging??

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