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4/14/09 3:36 P

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Dining halls are a big problem for me as well. There is one right across from my dorm that has really good food, but its mostly bad for you. They have a "healthy" line but its all the vegan/vegetarian stuff that is usually gross. of course, right next to that is the dessert line...
I noticed that i had gained a lot of weight last semester and decided not to hit the dessert table even for a cookie anymore and even just doing that has helped. Take advantage of the salad/fruit bar if you have one! Ours is pretty good with a good variety so i ca switch it up.
I am starting to steer away from the cafeteria style dining halls where you can eat all you want, and towards the a la carte ones. Its a little more expensive but there is somewhat better portion control!

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3/18/09 3:59 A

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I have the same problem. Our cafeterias have made-to-order omlettes that I have often and I ask them to use non-stick spray or less oil than usual. I also eat very small portions when healthy options are not available.

I also wrote the company that runs our cafeterias asking for better choices and more accurate nutritional information. Since we have had better looking produce, and one of the cafeterias even stopped using oil and switched to zero calorie non-stick spray.

For me it is more of making the best choice possible. Good luck!

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3/17/09 3:10 P

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I loved it when they started selling fruit and cheese plates. Crackers, cheese and grapes were the perfect size for lunch and I could pick them up on the way to class and eat during class. Yes, they had a little too much cheese, but it was better than most of the other stuff they served.

I ate on campus even after I moved out of the dorms. My friends never finish their meal plans and so it was free food. I didn't gain weight at all, maybe even lost some during this time. I usually had a grilled cheese sandwich and onion rings or mozzarella sticks 3 times a week.


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3/14/09 1:51 A

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Yeah, i did have that problem, but i tended to compensate by having smaller meals of the things high in fats and oils, and then waiting until the fruit and salad trays came out.

Yes it got boring, but i didn't gain weight either

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3/13/09 10:16 P

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I seem to be in a bit of a food rut. We all know how unhealthy some dining halls can be and since I was coerced into buying a meal-plan, I have to eat most of my food in there.

It seems like all I ever get is either a salad or a wrap. Everything else is smothered with cheese, oil, gravy, oil, and cheese. And we're not talking about low fat cheese or olive oil. And of course there is the gigantic muffins, cakes, chocolate bars, beligian waffles, etc... around.

Does anybody else have this problem? I can't WAIT till I get my own place. Only a month and a half left!

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