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2/1/09 3:44 P

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This is the 2 week mark for my program and I can feel myself losing momentum as usual. I want to keep doing well with my diet and exercising but I don't want laziness to take over me again. I've already lost 10 lbs and I want to lose more. So everyone please wish me luck as I head into week three.

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1/29/09 11:31 A

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Oh my! Let me tell you honey, you are not alone in this boat! I can't even begin to tell you how much I empathize with this...I have struggled with an eating disorder for 6 years, so normalizing and regulating my intake still requires constant effort, even though I am in recovery. My weight has been all over the place, and I have gone down the diet road so many times. The problem is, our minds tell us to give up when we fail. But the key to this is...EVERY SINGLE DAY...get back up :)

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12/15/08 1:30 A

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I've lost weight before and I tend to binge-eat and have gained it all back--like if I need to fill myself back up! The years have gone by & kids have grown up & job is routine--keeping social & getting active with walks is FUN! Keep up with SparkPeople & join other groups! Check out this link too:

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12/14/08 10:11 P

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I know how u feel. Sometimes after i lose weight and go back to normal life...i end up going too far hehe. I learned, the hard way, that certain foods, like ice cream and hot wings, are ok to enjoy in moderation :). Good luck with everything :)

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12/14/08 10:08 P

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congrats on ur loss!!! i just started break and have had time to work out :) i lost three lbs already! but I'm worried because more time at home means more time around the kitchen. i try to get out more often because when I'm bored at home i find my self staring aimlessly into the fridge lol. i might not grab anything but that doesn't make the craving easier. Particularly at night, if i'm staying up late for some reason. Being on break is making it easier (other than the boredom thing) because i admittedly am a stress u can imagine how finals went. Hopefully all will go well and i find a hobby (other than opening the fridge) or a good book hehe

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12/12/08 3:53 P

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Congratulations on your lost so far, but as far as eating goals if you're having really bad cravings then I'd suggest you start picking one day out of the week to maybe pig out or eat those craving foods because if you mess up 1 day of seven days, you're not really going to see the difference in the scale whenever you weigh. And remember to always reward yourself for the progress you've made so far.


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12/12/08 8:39 A

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Hey! Congrats on your weight loss so far! Don't think about what you may or may not have gained back, just keep plowing forward. I find that making a list of all the reasons I want to lose weight helps to keep me motivated. Maybe that would help for you?
Good luck!

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12/11/08 4:09 P

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I am going to say congratulations, and then I will tell you why.. First CONGRATULATIONS.. here is why, you have now been able to realize that this is no longer the life that you want to live.. I rember when my breaking point was an dit felt so good.. now come up with the game plan, ride this motivation wav until you reach those goals.. start small, like not eating BBwings at work.. Make dates with yourself to go for walks.. and then most of all keep talking to us on SP.. I know that it is discouraging and it sucks when you feel like you let yourself down, but look at the fact that you were still able to lose that weight. We it road bumps along the way and now its about how we get back up and change those road bumps that matter.. You can do it! If you need any help stop by my page.. Best of luck to you!


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12/11/08 3:58 P

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I had lost alost 15lbs, then i started eating everything around me. I was working so hard for 2 months. Its been about 3 weeks now that i have been eating and eating. I was feeling so good about myself before and now i go to bed ith my stomach so full i dont wanna move, lol. . . . The scale says now that i have only lost 10 lbs, but when i look in the mirror i can se ethe difference, my stomach is bigger, i can tell. . . . Its time for me to start again. No more icecream cake or boneless buffalo wings from work!(those things are a whole days worth of calories!) .....

I dont know what i would do wtihout SP, its the only thing helping me to get back on track. Hopefully i can do it cuz i was feeling so good about myself, i want that feeling again.

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