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2/3/09 8:21 P

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I don't like coffee either, but I do drink tea. Have you tried that? It takes some getting used to but once you do it really hits the spot, and it's low on caffeine but has just enough to give you that boost without giving you the jitters or be habit-forming (I know too many people who simply can't function before their coffee...I don't want to be like that lol)

I start doodling in my notes when I start falling asleep in class. It doesn't always work but it gives my mind something else to focus on for a minute or two which seems to bring it out of it's funk so I can wake up a bit and then pay attention to my teacher again.

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10/22/08 10:37 A

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I am constantly falling asleep in two of my classes..they are just SO boring. But to help me stay awake, I pop a piece of gum in mouth the second I start to feel sleepy and I drink a drink of water every few minutes. If it's a lecture class and I'm supposed to be taking notes, I'll also bring a crossword puzzle or soduku with me (they have them in our newspaper everyday) and when I need a second to focus but still look like I'm taking notes, I'll jot a few answers down or plug in a few numbers. Also, breathing in and out very deeply when you feel yourself start to doze it helpful. Good luck staying awake, I know how rough it is!!


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10/21/08 9:52 P

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Hopefully it gets better. If I get sleep, its not quality sleep. And the first day of class in every class was rough for me. Afterwards, I was alright for some reason.


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10/14/08 7:05 P

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The answer ---delegate! I always say that going to school is my family project. Who can watch the kids while you get your work done? Husband? Mom? Nephew? Neighbor? Maybe if you need a break---you could have the kids go to Gramma's or somewhere and you could stay home and sleep or do homework.

I have started hiring a babysitter for a few hours on Sunday. It costs me $30 and I can work without interruptions on my papers. My husband helps by making meals, doing some laundry, and other odd jobs so I can focus more energy on schoolwork, selling Avon, and staying healthy so I can get this Master's done by Feb.

There's a saying it takes a whole village to raise a child. I will tell you... it takes a whole village for me to go to college as I delegate and defer some duties to others so I don't wear myself out.

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10/14/08 5:54 P

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I only go to school, but I live far from campus and my classes drag on all day long.. So I understand the being tired bit.. I have breaks in between some classes so I find a couch in the library to curl up in for a good 20 minues and then I am set for the day. I used to think naps were for babies, but I have realized that naps are a great source of refreshment. So if you can throw in a few naps a day.. Um and also like you I do not drink any caffine. No coffe or eergy drinks for me. So I stick to Vitamin Water, the focus one is really good and I also stick to V8 fusion jusices, my favorite is the Strawberry Bannana. I am not sure where you live but if there is a good smoothie joint by you, like a Jamba Juice or a Smoothie King they make smoothies with boosts added to them, the energy boost is perfect and so is the femme boost.. I hope that helps.. :)


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10/14/08 4:46 P

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i just drink water all day. i don't drink caffeine. i'm just super tired all day. do stretches/go for walks on breaks.

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10/14/08 4:07 P

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I have this very same problem. I average about 4 hours of sleep.
Not much really has helped me so far other than caffeine from coffee or tea. Or Adderall, but I dont suggest that unless prescribed. Sometimes sipping on water or chewing some strong gum/mint can be useful. Oh and if you have ever drank or heard of a drink called Kombucha, it has a tendency to give me more energy without the caffeine.

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10/14/08 2:23 P

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Between work, class, family and study I'm not really getting enough sleep right now, on a good night I manage 5, maybe 6 hours. I catch up on my sleep on the weekends, but a lot of time during the weekdays I'm having trouble staying awake in class. I'm not a fan of coffee, so does anyone have a suggestion or two on other foods/drinks that'll give some extra energy?

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