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3/4/09 11:37 A

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Trust me, it's so worth it-my brother use to work at the local corner shop. The boss was really cool and let them take so much home for free if they worked a certain amount of hours. So Max keeps bringing home soda and would typically get through 2 litres of soft drinks a day. Eventually, Mother says, enough is enough, you're 17 and you're obese. Something has to give. So he stops drinking the soda and in two weeks lost 12lbs. Didn't do anything else, no extra exercise nothing.
The amount of sugar in the drinks he was having was horrific, and thats before you start thinking about all the other things he would have been consuming along with them!

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2/4/09 7:05 P

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I feel your pain! This is my 2 week without diet Dr. pepper and I'm going crazy. Although I know it's just as bad for me! I think this is going to be the hardest thing for me, because I don't mind working out or eating healthier I just love my diet Dr. pepper.

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1/12/09 8:50 P

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This is my 7th day with no soda. I'm kind of craving carbonation, and thinking about getting some perrier or Pellegrino. Is this good or not?

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1/1/09 3:32 P

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I'm not gonna lie, I love diet pop. But I realize it's not healthy for me so I'm trying to cut it out.

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11/19/08 11:35 P

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i don't drink pop at all... i haven't in about 5 years or so... its just bad

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7/6/08 1:45 P

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I find it really interesting that even diet pop does so much damage. Good thing I don't like pop.

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7/6/08 1:59 A

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Surrender your straws: Drinking one or more soft drinks (diet or regular) per day increases your obesity risk, reports a study in Circulation. Researchers surveyed 6,000 people about their pop consumption over 4 years. They found that swigging one or more 12-ounce servings of soda--of any kind--per day increased subjects' risk of obesity by 31 percent. The sweeteners in both diet and regular may spark a taste for additional sweets. Plus, both dark- and light-colored drinks contain high levels of caramel, which can create insulin resistance, a condition that increases obesity risk, says lead researcher Ravi Dhingra, M.D. Until science nails the culprit in the fizzy stuff, stick with water.

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