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  FORUM:   Reaching those goals and having fun doing it!
TOPIC:   How Do You Spell Progress? 

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TERRIJ7's Photo SparkPoints: (124,678)
Fitness Minutes: (37,897)
Posts: 9,086
12/16/08 1:50 P

TERRIJ7's SparkPage
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I have always been heavier than I look--a blessing to be sure--and I muscle up when I get fit. I am not a dainty lady at my best size, which is about a 12-14. I always say I come from "farm stock" and I'm built for work--lol.

Our bodies are such wonderful creations and figuring out how they work best is an ongoing endeavor. For instance, I decided not to go walking last Thurs. because my feet hurt (I'm soon to have bunion surgery) and then didn't get out on Fri, Sat or Sun either because of one thing and another. When I stepped on the scale yesterday, I'd lost 3 lbs!!!! Go figure~ I've been faithfully walking 4-6 days a week and doing at least 3 days of my strength exercises and not seeing a huge change on the scales. Four days of rest, and I've lost more that the past 4 weeks!

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TINAKATRINA1's Photo Posts: 5,998
12/16/08 10:44 A

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When I lost 25 lbs the first time, I did get a little disappointed when younger folk here went down several sizes for the same amount of weight. But--I DID appreciate being firmly at least one size smaller, and feeling so much better. Never winded, and my cholesterol numbers were great! Gotta appreciate what you get! It does make a difference trying to lose weight at an older age!


"Life's a dance, you learn as you go... " Go ahead and dance!

Reading about Paleo and Raw Food diets is inspiring changes in My diet! Just enough to want to add lots of veggies!

 current weight: 195.0 

AUBREYJO's Photo Posts: 1,326
12/15/08 7:32 P

AUBREYJO's SparkPage
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I used to do the samr thing. What helped me begin to drop the weight was eating 5-6 small meals a day. My calories are between 1350-1770. I aim for 1500-1600, but will allow more if I exercise super hard, or feel really hungry after drinking water.

My breakfasts are about 300 calories. I eat a bulky breakfast... Which includes a meal like 1/2 c nonfat yogurt with a tsp of sugar and 1/4-1/2 c of fruit. I usually excercise after I eat that. Then, I eat a bowl of oatmeal. (1/2 c dry + 1/4 c 1% milk & a tsp of sugar.) This is about 350-400 calories, depending on my fruit... You can also cut 50 calories by using 1/3 cup of oatmeal.

For lunch, it depends... sometimes it is leftovers from the night before's dinner... I aim for about 400 calories. What I am loving, lately is Sara Lee 45 calorie breads. I make a sandwich with those & some turkey, for about 50 calories... then, I eat a cup of carrots & a TBS of Sunbutter. (My daughter has peanut allergies, so you could use PB)

Dinner is usually something from Sparkrecipes for under 400 calories. I allow 500 calories for dinner, and a lot of the SP dinners are in the 300 calorie rnge, so I eat a low-calorie muffin or some sort of dessert with dinner.

Between lunch and dinner, [and about 3 hours after dinner) I eat 150 calorie snacks... which can be a bowl of yogurt & fruit, oatmeal, a cheese stick with an apple, etc. There are tons of 150 calorie snacks...

You can bulk out your food with veggies. They are low calorie, but will fill you up... and since you'll be eating every 3 or so hours, your metabolism will rev up, and you'll lose weight.

Also, I find that when I overdo the exercising, I don't lose as fast...

I also calorie cycle (where my aim is 1300-1700 calories...) I eat in the 1350 range for 2 days, 1700 for one, over and over again... this tricks your body so it never readjusts to expect 1300 calories [thus slowing down your metabolism].

Anyway, those are some tricks I use, and I am halfway to my goal... I have lost an anverage of 1 lbs a week, even though we gained 4 (HARD TO LOSE) calories at Thanksgiving. :)

Edited by: AUBREYJO at: 12/15/2008 (19:34)
Aubrey :)
Workin on losing the baby weight so I can get back to "maintaining" my 100 lb weight loss... Ticker reflects PP weight and my goal weight...
"Behind every beautiful thing there’s been some kind of pain." ~ Bob Dylan ~ Not Dark Yet

 Pounds lost: 1.4 

TERRIJ7's Photo SparkPoints: (124,678)
Fitness Minutes: (37,897)
Posts: 9,086
12/15/08 6:43 P

TERRIJ7's SparkPage
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For me, the only tangible way I'm able to measure my progress is with the tape measure because I'm not dumping a lot of weight (yet). I've been getting heavier and heavier over the past 15 years but when menopause hit, EVERYTHING changed. Now, I have to work hard just to stay where I am and losing weight is S-L-O-W !!! I took EVERY little measurement when I started SP because I wanted to see where it would come off first--and I'm SO glad I did!

I've lost several inches when you add it all up, but I haven't changed sizes yet. I've only lost about 7 lb. since being here (another 7-10 before that) so my progress isn't showing on my little tracker and I've learned that I can't set dates for weight loss because I don't know when it will decide to go.

I know I have to re-train my metabolism because I've been an irregular eater (only 1-2 x per day, and a LOT) and I'm sure my body just stores it because it doesn't know when it will get fed again--so it's just a matter of time and diligence before I get the results I want. I'm now eating 4-6 very small meals per day and drinking 8-12 glasses of water.

I AM seeing progress in the fitness area, in that I'm able to walk up our hill (1.8 miles) without having to stop to catch my breath and can even carry on a conversation with dh when he walks with me. I couldn't do that 2 months ago.

The first time I tried to do the Spark-generated strength building exercises, I nearly cried! I couldn't even do a single modified pushup...NOT ONE!! ...and I used to coach Little League and do ALL the warm-ups with the girls! emoticon I tried to do the laying abductions (leg raises) and couldn't lift my legs more than a few times...forget situps--my belly was in the way! Okay, it still is but not forever. I've made enough improvement that I know I'll lose it too.

Now, when I go on my walks I stop periodically to do some exercises and stretch a little. I walk out on a country back road, so there's no one to watch me while I do Wall Pushups against a tree, step ups on a stump, calf raises, boxers, lateral arm raises, etc. I can now complete not only the 2 sets of 12-15 reps, but have been able to double that and have added a number of new exercises to my repertior.

Now I can do 12-15 modified pushups, and while I still can't lift my chubby legs very high, I CAN lift them 12-15 times in a row! emoticon

So I am making progress but it's not showing up on the scale yet. Is anyone else having to use these kinds of "measurements"?

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