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12/6/11 5:44 P

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I agree about doing them barefoot. You didnt mention why its so important to either wear lifting shoes or be barefoot. You pretty much covered. everything else.. When you wear normal tennis shoes the soles of your shoes put the most pressure on the balls of your feet. This causes your body to want to push the weight forward instead of up... Remember when you doing squats think heels heels heels... What ever stance you are able to do them in make sure you are driving off your heels... Not just Putting A$$ to Grass.

Make sure you have good form when doing them. this is how most get hurt by not keeping form!!!!

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10/28/11 7:11 P

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I used to do squats on a free barbell, two weeks ago I used one of those that limit the vertical movement and my right knee started to hurt since then. So I stoped. Is there any movement that can provide the incredible benefits of squats without risking injuring my knees?

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2/6/11 1:09 P

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Cool, I think Squats are the basis of a good workout, as a compound movement they really help my strength and you can target different areas just by changing your stance. I do some wide leg and some medium. Plus I do them without weight as a superset with press ups for 5 sets of 20s, no rest. I love them and deadlifts too!

I think people really do not realise the importance of training legs. So many guys at our gym limit themselves because they do not workout legs. No point in having a big chest and chicken legs, it makes me laugh!!! It's like a pyramid to me, good legs means a good base for the rest of the body! Keeps it all in proportion!

I love having strong legs and since doing my new workout I can really feel the difference in the tone of my muscles and am looking forward to seeing them develop and grow!

Sorry to go on but I am quite passionate about it!

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2/6/11 12:36 P

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I go barefooted on squats too! My trainer started me and I've read several blogs that mentioned that barefoot is the best way to keep your form and weight spot on. It does help me tremendously for me. : ) Never used a board tho.
I too, have gone back to the drawing board on technique and form. I'm easing up on the weight so I can really sit back into the squat. I admit, to do 205 I have to go very shallow, so I;m dropping back to 165 so I can hit my deep seat every time. *shrugs* Sometimes I get too caught up in the numbers....for everything it seems. : P I think I like to see rapid gains and that's just not how strength progresses, apparently. : D I am bumping my legs up to twice a week though, as I am most eager to see and feel change there. Glad to see another lady that embraces squats...I really feel like they are the cornerstone to all progress to be had in a heavy lifting program!

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2/6/11 11:25 A

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Loving this topic, I love squats too. It is so easy to do squats wrong and I for one have gone back to the drawing board a couple of times to improve my technique.

I struggle with getting down low enough in my squats and therefore go barefoot and use a foot board to begin with. Does anyone else use this technique?

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1/12/11 10:46 P

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I lovelovelove squats! Seriously! It's a sickness.. They totally renovate your lower half. Those and dead lifts.
I'm really proud to hit my goal of doing a 200lb lift in 2010. Now at least one set of my 6 sets is a 200 lb every week.
I think it must be a mind set thing...I've always enjoyed them fortunately. : )

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5/31/09 2:03 A

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I like oly squats, but because of my back i use a bench so I don't go lower than healthy. I just make contact with slight touch. I got into this practise as wanted to make sure I got my butt down lower enough butt without over doing it..
I use dumbbells to find core stability when I first tried these and am adding these more and more into my routines. I don't feel my knees but try to go with weight so I keep it stable and strong.
I see alot of dumb ass crap at the gym. Jerking it must hurt like heck also. I go for a lighter weight and feel good with honest advance.
I do own a weight belt but never needed to use it and don't use any product on my knees as yet. I have strong legs, but like these for a change from using the leg press.
I like changing with sumo squats, front squats and anything else I see different. It cuts down on repeat wear and tear mixing and changing...

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2/1/09 12:21 A

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Ok, its becoming blatantly obvious that precious few of you know how to "olympic" style squat.

There are basically two kinds of back-squat. What we like to refer to as the power-squat, or the powerlifter style squat, or the low bar squat. This is what COMPETITIVE powerlifters and strength athletes should be concerned with. I'll save that for another thread.

Its FAR more important that most of you learn to Olympic style squat first. Most every weight-trainer should know how to do this, whether you're a competitive olympic weightlifter, powerlifter, strongman, highland games athlete, or even if you're just a recreational, non-competitive bodybuilder like most people in this forum...

There is no faster way to get big and strong ALL over your entire body, and the reason that many of you guys do tons of gear and are still big p#@$$$# is because you can't Oly squat for sh*t.

I know most of you are really only concerned with your arms, and might care a little bit about your legs at the end of the day. But your body has to be able to support 20" arms, and it can't support those with a weak a*s back and spindly stick-legs.

ALSO, I know that most of you THINK you know how to squat. Well, I'll tell you all that most of you don't.

If you post that you can squat 50 pounds more than you can deadlift, and you're neither a "little person" nor a superheavyweight powerlifter, than you are squatting no where even CLOSE to parallel, much less a*s-to-grass like you need to be.

Here is how you properly "oly" squat:
1.) Take a medium-narrow stance. This varies a lot between athletes. Its not really important which stance you prefer, so long as you pick the one that lets you get the DEEPEST. Do NOT pick the one you are strongest at, pick the one that gives you the BIGGEST range of motion. For some athletes, this might even be a slightly wide stance.

2.) Wear the bar as high as possible. Do not wear it low on your back. It should be near your neck or the top of your traps.

3.) Do them raw. This means NO equipment. No tight a*s knee wraps, and unless you're a competitive athlete, NO belt. If you're doing them right, knee wraps will just prevent you from getting as deep as possible. Instead, wear neoprene knee sleeves or ace-bandage wraps that can be purchased for very little money at any local pharmacy. Remember, oly squats are FAR better for your knees than quarter squats done with knee wraps on, so stop crying like a 10 year old girl and LEARN how to do it. It might take a week or two.

4.) Footwear is very important. THAT DOES NOT NECESSARILY MEAN EXPENSIVE. Now, I won't lie to you, the BEST footwear is custom made olympic lifting shoes. These can be purchased from a variety of sources, which I may get into later. HOWEVER, if you're too cheap, broke, or lazy to purchase another pair of shoes (though its pretty much a one-time purchase) DO WHAT THE OLDSCHOOL LIFTERS DID! Squat barefoot. No, you won't be able to get QUITE as deep without oly shoes on. But you WILL get pretty DAMN close. Everyone I've ever met or trained with could get as*-to-grass barefoot, and one of my training partners could actually touch the floor with his a*s while oly squatting barefoot.

5.) Stop being a f@$#ing p@#$$ about it. I am so sick and damn tired of the excuses for not oly squatting. JS has personally coached literally hundreds of athletes, and has trained with or watched thousands of others. ALL were capable of learning to Oly squat with a few or so weeks practice. My old training partner has pronounced scoliosis and still went on to oly squat 2x bodyweight. If you are hurting your knees, 99.9% of the time its not your genetics, YOU'RE JUST DOING THEM WRONG.

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