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9/5/13 8:53 A

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This is one I really want to see, but it's not coming to my town so I'll have to wait for the dvd release. I had a really thoughtful, insightful (well, pre-7am insightful anyway) comment but I couldn't figure out how to post it without spoiling 3 other movies for those that haven't seen them. (Shaun of the Dead, Paul & Hot Fuzz)

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9/3/13 7:58 P

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Did not read your spoiler - but it looks awesome!

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9/3/13 12:59 P

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9/2/13 8:33 A

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I have been keeping my eye out and will continue to do so and rewatch the others.
I too love the actors
- and I read the spoiler and that has made me want to watch it even more to see how that is...


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9/2/13 8:09 A

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I want to see this movie so bad, hubs and I were going to go see it friday, but it didn't come to our town emoticon I am a huge fan of this group and loved both Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz! Glad (and slightly jealous) you could see it!!

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9/2/13 7:55 A

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Thanks, for the spoiler too.

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9/2/13 4:06 A

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Tonight hubby and I saw the World's end. I am going to mention one spoiler because one small thing completely changed how I saw the movie, I'll put it at the end with oodles of warnings, but I wish I knew this going in,

So, this is the fink movie in the trilogy of Shaun of the dead and Hot Fuzz-it has a lot of the same actors so it makes it fun. From the preview, it is about 5 friends who go back to their home town to complete the golden mile-a pub crawl of 12 pubs ending at the World's end. As you can guess, the town is not quite the same as they remember it, and soon it becomes a crazy romp.

So, my spoiler free review is that this probably had more substance than it's two predesecors, but that it wasn't as fun for me. There were still great jokes/gags/lines, awesome action scenes, and everyone did a great job. If you liked the other 2, you owe it to yourself to see this.

3.5 chainsaws cause I love the actors.

Now, a small spoiler. This will not ruin any surprises or action in the movie, but I think it's important to know this going in, because it's a subtle thing that you won't know going in, but...could affect your viewing. And its laid out pretty straight forward at the start, totally adds depth to the review. Read on if you dare

Spoilers below

So, the advertising people are clever. They subtly dance around an issue , and make it seem like a fun boozy romp-I even got a beer at the theater. Here's the thing, a very sad and heart breaking thread that runs through out the movie is alcoholism, and how devastating and self destructive it can be. The movie handles it really well, and the actors do really well with it-but it was really hard as I watched it to always see the humor because the actor was really good-and under laughs there was this sad desperation that I saw...probably because I've known alcoholics. So, for all the laughs, sci if, and fun-there is a really interesting character and in some ways very real issues that come out. I had a hard time finishing my beer. I would have still seen it, but it wasn't as funny as the other two. It was a stronger movie because it dealt with such a serious topic surrounded by humor and craziness, and I'm not sure that's what I wanted or expected. It was a good movie, and i do recommend seeing it- it just has some moments that may be hard if you've known an alcoholic, Hope that makes sense, I'm just not sure I will watch this one again any time soon (though watched hot fuzz last night-hysterical)

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